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SMS to 444

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Send an SMS to 444 to check your bill, change your subscription and order additional services.

Checking your bill

If you want to check how high your current bill is, send an SMS with the keyword BILL to 444. (This services is available to residential customers. Business customers require the appropriate authorisation from the business owner.)


See example

I would like to check my bill regularly

I would like to know how often my bill is queried or stop this query

I would like to receive or cancel itemised statements for my bill (CHF 1.50 per statement)

All your data and bill details are available online.

Subscription & inclusive units

If you want to know the number of remaining units in your subscription or option, check if you have the right subscription or if you can extend it, send an SMS with the following keywords to 444.


See example

Number of included units, such as roaming days or SMS, remaining balance from data options
CHECK Check your subscription: is this the best subscription for me? (only available for residential customers)
Can I extend my contract and benefit from a cheaper product in the process? (only available for residential customers)
COWORKING Code request for free hours of coworking office space (only for inOne SME mobile XL customers)

If you want to change your subscription, send an appropriate SMS with the relevant keyword to 444: (this service is only available for residential customers. Business customers can change subscriptions in the Customer Center.)

Mobile subscriptions for frequent users

Mobile subscriptions for normal users

Mobile subscriptions for everyone under 26

Mobile subscriptions for infrequent users

If you want to activate TV Air or a new SIM, check Swisscom services in the event of a fault or request a new Swisscom Login password, send an SMS with one of the following keywords to 444.

Activate/deactivate TV Air
Check your Swisscom services like TV, Internet, telephone and e-mail on your mobile phone or computer
Request a new Swisscom Login password
START SIM Activate new SIM card


Swisscom now offers a new inOne mobile prepaid service that allows you choose your own package and data options.

I want to switch to inOne mobile prepaid or purchase a package or data

I want to use or deactivate the advance service

I want to activate or change inOne mobile prepaid kids


Find out more about roaming for using your mobile phone abroad.

I want to activate or deactivate the Travel Voice Option

I want to activate or deactivate the International Mobile Option

I want to activate or deactivate the SMS information service on current roaming tariffs in the country I am visiting

Cost control abroad

The Swisscom Cockpit gives you complete control over your costs and lets you easily add data packages when using the Internet abroad.

Availability (COMBOX® etc.)

Activate/deactivate Visual Voicemail for iPhone
Request COMBOX® password
Activate/deactivate SMS availability notification
Activate/deactivate SMS function for missed calls
Activate/deactivate blip for a calls to another network



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