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Swisscom Academy: Smartphone/Tablet Course

How to protect your privacy on your phone/tablet

What traces do I leave behind on the Internet? How can I protect my privacy? What data do I disclose? The Internet and the opportunities of the digital world bring great joy and make life easier but also need to be handled with care. In this course, find out more about your digital footprint and Internet privacy. Our trainers will show you which data different apps and online services really need and when it is sensible to share your location, for instance.

The benefits

  • You know your rights as an Internet user and are aware of your digital footprint
  • You learn how to minimise your digital footprint
  • You know which personal data to share with apps

Target audience

You want to enhance your knowledge of data protection and protect your Internet privacy. No prior knowledge is required to attend this course. Please note that the course is designed solely for issues relating to the use of smartphones and tablets.

Costs in CHF

free of charge