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Swisscom Academy: Smartphone course

Professional photos with your smartphone

Get even more out of your best memories. Learn in the specific smartphone photography and filming course how to use the camera of your smartphone more "professionally" in everyday life so that you can take snapshots and short video recordings. Our trainers show you step by step how to create beautiful photos and videos so that you can present them effectively.

In this smartphone photography and filming course, you will also receive many exciting tips & tricks for your iPhone or Android smartphone camera.

How you benefit

  • You will learn the basic rules of video and photo shooting
  • You will learn how to use the various photo and video functions in practice.
  • You will receive important tips and tricks to create better and more original photos and videos.

Target group

You own an Apple or Android smartphone/tablet and have basic knowledge of how to use it (basic and advanced functions). You would like to make better use of your device in everyday life and use the existing tools in a targeted way.

Bring with you

Bring your fully charged smartphone with you to the course.  You also need an Apple ID (iPhone) or Google account (Android) and your e-mail address plus password.

Costs in CHF


What our customers say

On mushrooms, recipes and photos

Susanne Pfister




Samsung Galaxy S7

Why did you attend the mobile photo-editing workshop?

With a passion for mushrooms and cooking, I decided to combine both in a mushroom cookbook. As well as creating the recipes, I also took the photos myself – just using my smartphone.


Creating the recipes for my mushroom cookbook was relatively easy for me. However, I had little experience of photography and photo editing. During production, my Samsung Galaxy S7 never stopped.

What did you learn?

At the mobile photo-editing workshop, I was introduced to the convenient photo-editing apps for mobile phones. In this two-hour course, we learned how to create amazing photos quickly and easily with a smartphone. The Academy trainers also covered the fundamentals of image composition and picture editing, with details on how to use various accessories.


I only visited the workshop after I had published by book. If I had attended it sooner, I probably would have used a tripod. As it was, I had to constantly hold my breath when I took pictures to make sure they did not blur.