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Swisscom Academy: Courses for older people

Smartphone Module 3 (iPhone & Android)

During the Module 3 of the smartphone for older people course, you will learn how to quickly find information on the Internet as well as backup your data. Our trainers will also show you how to update your smartphone and give you tips to make using your smartphone easier. Through targeted exercises, you have an opportunity to apply what you have learned independently.

How you benefit

  • You learn how to update the software and applications on your smartphone
  • You learn tips and tricks how to make surfing the internet easier
  • You know how to create a backup of your smartphone
  • You learn how to organise the applications on your smartphone so that you can find them more easily

Target group

You own an iPhone or Android smartphone and have good basic knowledge of how to use your device (Smartphone Module 1 and Module 2). You want to use your smartphone securely and competently at home and abroad and broaden your knowledge of data protection and data synchronisation.

Bring with you

Bring your fully charged smartphone with you to the course.  You also need an Apple ID (iPhone) or Google account (Android) and your e-mail address plus password.

Costs in CHF