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Setting up Swisscom TV

Setting up Swisscom TV

Setting up Swisscom TV

Connect your TV set-top box to the DSL router via cable, wireless or Powerline.


What device are you using?

Choose from these available solutions:

Choose from these available solutions:

What router are you using?

Connect your Swisscom TV Box according to the Swisscom TV instructions. You can also connect your TV Box wirelessly with a DUO wireless universal connection kit.

The Swisscom TV Box should be connected to the Internet Box according to the “Set up Swisscom TV” installation instructions. Use an Ethernet cable whenever possible. If, as an existing customer, you have already connected the Swisscom TV Box with an old router, simply plug the cable into the new Internet Box.

Should you encounter problems using Swisscom TV after this installation, you are advised to restart both devices.

Connecting the Swisscom TV Box wirelessly

Should you wish to install the TV Box using a connection kit rather than an Ethernet cable, you can use a DUO universal connection kit as before.


Please note:

If you are using an older generation universal connection kit (see image), you will need two further connection kits to make a wireless connection to Swisscom TV.

Verbindungskit weiss
Verbindungskit schwarz

Choose from these available solutions:

Connect your TV set-top box and router to the Ethernet cable as instructed in the manual.

The Ethernet cable (yellow connector) is supplied with the TV set-top box.

If the TV set-top box and router are too far apart for cable connection, you can connect the TV wireless or via powerline.

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