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Picture and sound problems

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Fix picture and sound problems on your Swisscom TV.
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If your Swisscom TV picture or sound is interrupted, distorted or freezes, it may be for various reasons.


The following steps may solve the problem:

  • Check the connections

    Check whether all the plugs are firmly connected to the router, the connection kits, the TV-Box and TV set. Remove and reconnect all plugs.


    Disconnect devices from the power

    Disconnect any connection kits from the power for 10 seconds; after reconnection, wait until the kit is ready for operation again. Now reboot the TV-Box and router.

  • Select the HDMI channel

    Select the HDMI channel on your TV set. Look for the right button to switch to the AV channel on your TV set remote control (not the remote control of the Swisscom TV-Box). Refer to the user guide of your TV set to see which is the right button.

    Press the TV Guide button

    Press the TV Guide button once on the remote control of your Swisscom TV-Box. It will then transmit a picture that you can immediately recognise as a Swisscom TV picture.




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