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TV Functions

On this page:
We explain Swisscom TV's main functions.

Setting and adjusting the channel sequence

Want to find your favourite channel quickly? Swisscom TV lets you list channels in the sequence of your choice. You can quickly set up and adjust the channel sequence in the Customer Center, in the Swisscom TV Air App or on your TV set.

In the Customer Center

Log into My Swisscom Customer Center to create new channel lists. You can also choose the transmitter sequence yourself.


> Create channel list

On the TV set

  • Open the TV Guide

    Open your electronic TV Guide via the TV Guide button on your Swisscom TV remote control.


    Select Settings. They are located under the cogwheel icon in the top right corner.

  • Navigation

    Go to TV settings and select TV channel lists.



    Select channel list

    Select the channel list in which you want to change the sequence of channels and select edit to change the sequence.

  • Save your selection

    Move the channels into the order you want via the arrow buttons and press save to confirm your chosen sequence. Use the Position button to directly assign channel numbers to channels like Position 1 for SRF1, for example.

TV Guide

The TV Guide is an electronic programme guide in your TV. This function shows you the programmes of all channels and your scheduled recordings for the next few days.


The TV Guide is available in all Swisscom TV-Boxes. If you have a UHD-enabled TV-Box, you can with your remote also browse the TV Guide via the speech recognition function in addition to the manual search.

Depending on the channel, you will need to change the picture quality from HD to SD if you want to use Teletext. To do this, press the "Option" button on the Swisscom TV remote control. Once you have switched to SD quality, Teletext will be available again.

Using the TV Guide

  • Open the TV Guide

    Open your electronic TV guide via the TV Guide button on your Swisscom TV remote control.



    Use your remote control to go forward up to 12 days and go back seven days in the TV Guide and start the programme you are interested in or even record it.

  • Option

    Press Option on your remote control to jump to a specific day, to search or change the TV Guide display.

Did you know: Your TV can also understand Swiss German. We have enhanced the remote control’s speech recognition function. Now you can also search for programmes in the TV Guide in Swiss German, Italian, English and French.



With the Replay function you can play programmes and films that were broadcast up to 7 days ago on your Swisscom TV. You can activate and use the Replay function on your TV set, via the TV app on your mobile devices or on the web. The Replay function is available with the inOne Swisscom TV M or Swisscom TV L subscription. In the customer center you can see which subscription you use.

Note: The Replay function isn’t available if you are a business customer using TV Public.

On the TV set

  • TV Guide button

    Select the TV Guide button on your Swisscom TV remote control.

    Replay channels

    Channels with Replay are highlighted in white.

  • Navigation

    Use the arrow buttons to go to the programme you want and select OK.


    Select Replay and confirm with OK. The selected programme is played back from the start.

  • Record

    You can also record Replay programmes. To do so, press the record button (red dot) on your Swisscom remote control.

On mobile devices and in the web browser

If you would like to use the Replay function on your smartphone, tablet or in the web browser, you can do so with TV Air, depending on your subscription.


Information on using TV Air



Use the record button on your remote control (short press) to record programmes and series or access your recordings list (long press).


In the “Recording” menu of your Swisscom TV-Box, you can:

  • Schedule recordings
  • Manage series recordings
  • Delete recordings
  • Archive recordings

The available memory capacity depends on your Swisscom TV basic package. Overview of all products.

HD recordings take up double the space of an SD recording.

UHD recordings currently take up the same amount of space as HD.

After channel deactivation, you can still access recordings in the original recording quality.


Note: If you downgrade your TV basic package, recordings may be lost if your memory is full.



  • Change from Swisscom TV L to Swisscom TV M: up to 80% of recordings will be lost
  • Change from Swisscom TV L to Swisscom TV S: all recordings will be lost (no recording function available)


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