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inOne benefit

Save up to 160.–/mth with the inOne benefit.

Combine inOne home with inOne mobile and enjoy the inOne benefit: up to a maximum of 160.– monthly package discount on your Mobile subscriptions. Calculate now how much you can save and enjoy the benefit.

How to get the inOne benefit.

To receive the inOne benefit on the inOne mobile subscriptions in your home, you also need an inOne home subscription. The Swisscom package discount is for up to five mobile subscriptions. After inOne activation you can easily add inOne mobile subscriptions in the Customer Center and enjoy the inOne home benefit.

inOne home

Internet, Swisscom TV and optionally fixed network telephony.

inOne mobile

Combine with up to five Mobile subscriptions in the household.

inOne benefit

Save up to 160.- monthly on Mobile subscriptions.

XTRA Discount as inOne benefit

For everyone under 26: inOne XTRA mobile subscriptions in the same household also enjoy the inOne benefit.
Important: The XTRA Discount cannot be combined with the inOne benefit. The XTRA Discount is replaced by the inOne benefit in inOne packages. There is no difference for the first two subscriptions in the household: The discount is 20.-/month. However from the third to fifth subscription, the inOne benefit amounts to 40.–/month and subscription and is twice as high as the XTRA Discount. The prerequisite for the inOne benefit is always an inOne home or inOne XTRA home subscription.

Flatmates can also take advantage of the inOne benefit.

Does your flat have an inOne home Internet connection? Up to five inOne mobile subscriptions in a flat share can take advantage of the inOne benefit. Flat shares with the inOne benefit now have the inOne benefit label on Ron Orp and flatfox.

Put together your inOne package now.

Add further Mobile subscriptions.

Find the right inOne now.

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Why Swisscom?

With inOne you enjoy outstanding quality, reliability, comprehensive products, advanced technology and excellent service.

*Up to 5 inOne mobile or inOne XTRA mobile subscriptions (e.g. inOne mobile S for 80.–/mth).One person in the same household must hold an inOne home packag for benefit entitlement. Minimum contract period for inOne subscriptions: 12 months.