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Switch to inOne – it's worth it!

Do you have a Swisscom mobile, Internet, TV, fixed network or package subscription? Change to inOne now and enjoy more flexibility, quality and price benefits. Simply visit the online Customer Center and change your subscription in just a few clicks.

More flexibility

inOne offers a free choice of Mobile, Internet, TV and Telephony and matching service.

More discount

You save up to CHF 160.- monthly with inOne thanks to the new inOne benefit.

More service

With inOne you enjoy higher surfing speeds, worldwide roaming, more TV programmes etc.

Change your Vivo subscription to inOne home

If you have an Internet, TV, fixed network or Vivo package subscription you should change to inOne home. inOne home lets you combine what you like and as much as you like. inOne home offers you the best for your home now at even more attractive prices. Compare for yourself and change now online.

inOne home compared to Vivo L

inOne home compared to Vivo M

inOne home compared to Vivo S

Change your NATEL® subscription
to inOne mobile

If you have a NATEL® subscription, you should change to inOne mobile. inOne mobile offers you higher surfing speeds and even better roaming terms. Compare for yourself and best change now online.

inOne mobile XL compared to NATEL® infinity 2.0 XL

inOne mobile L compared to NATEL® infinity 2.0 L

inOne mobile M compared to NATEL® infinity 2.0 M

inOne mobile S compared to NATEL® infinity 2.0 S

Change your Tutto benefit to the inOne benefit

If you enjoy the Tutto benefit, you should change now to the inOne benefit. Saving is easier with the inOne benefit, and you save more, too: combine your inOne mobile (inOne mobile S-XL)* with inOne home and save CHF 20.- each month on your mobile subscription. From the 3rd Mobile subscription in the same household you even save 40.-. So you can save up to 160.-

Compare Tutto benefit with inOne benefit

Something for everyone.

With inOne you enjoy outstanding quality, reliability, comprehensive products, advanced technology and excellent service.

Internet Guard


Surf safely thanks to the Swisscom Internet Guard.

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Worldwide roaming

New: roaming now in more than 190 countries worldwide.

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The network

Long-time top scorer: the Swisscom network.

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Top service

We're there for you. In over 100 Shops, per chat, over the phone and on social media.
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*Up to 5 inOne mobile or inOne XTRA mobile subscriptions (e.g. inOne mobile S for 80.–/mth).One person in the same household must hold an inOne home packag for benefit entitlement. Minimum contract period for inOne subscriptions: 12 months.