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  • Identity Security protects against data theft and safeguards your digital identity against cyber crime.
  • The product monitors personal e-mail addresses in the network round the clock.
  • If there is any misuse, all other linked data such as user names, passwords or credit card numbers are displayed so they can be quickly changed or blocked.
  • Up to 10 licences for e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, etc. can be stored. Customers are immediately alerted if the stored data is affected by a data theft.
  • In this case, the customer automatically receives a request to change the password or block the credit card.
  • With the help of the password manager, all passwords can be stored in a secure location, so you only need to remember one master password.

Combines human intelligence and round-the-clock dark web monitoring to find your personal information in records exposed by data breaches.

If your data is misused, you receive an e-mail detailing the issue and a course of action to prevent further misuse.

Generate strong passwords that you can store securely and access from any device. The app also warns you of weak or reused passwords. 

Insecure passwords are often the cause of data theft. With the password manager, we help to generate secure passwords or assess existing ones. The passwords, login data and credit card numbers are stored centrally in the vault. The synchronisation function means they can be retrieved on all devices with a master password.

Make it easier to log in to online services by automatically filling in securely stored user names and passwords.

You manage your licences and devices easily through My Swisscom (login)

We provide support if you need it, by telephone via the Swisscom Hotline.

To protect your digital identity, you need to download the app on your mobile device or as a desktop version via My Swisscom. When you enter up to 10 e-mail addresses here, they are monitored around the clock through F-Secure web monitoring.

After entering the e-mail address, you receive an e-mail with a link to confirm the e-mail you entered for security reasons. The protection starts then.

The encryption and decryption of the data stored in the app takes place exclusively on your own device. We cannot identify or recover your data if you no longer have the master password or recovery key (generated from the app).

We license Identity Security from our supplier F-Secure, from whom we already obtain the multi-award-winning Internet Security antivirus software.