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Swisscom's new fixed network telephony

Discover Swisscom's new fixed network telephony: with new HD-Phones offering outstanding voice quality and great functions. With affordable subscriptions including connection and unlimited calls to all Swiss networks. And the best prices for international calls. Switch to the new fixed network from Swisscom

Find the right subscription in the practical overview.

International tariff options

Additional fixed network telephony services

With the following options you can make even cheaper phone calls or tailor our fixed network telephony to your individual requirements. Choose whether you wish to make calls to the fixed or mobile network, only to a certain country, or to all countries in the EU/Western Europe, USA and Canada.

HD sound quality

Sounds incredibly close

Thanks to our fixed network telephony our HD-Phones offer crystal clear HD sound quality (high definition). We filter out ambient noise and optimise speech reproduction for enhanced comprehension.


Lots of fantastic benefits for you

Thanks to advanced technology, our fixed network telephony offers you the best. You not only benefit from excellent sound quality, but also from many fantastic benefits like the free answering machine and easy call and contact management.

New fixed network telephony (IP)

We can help you with the switch to All IP

Swisscom is switching its analogue fixed network telephony to IP technology. With 1.3 million customers on IP, more than a half of our customers are already experiencing the benefits. Find out here what the switch means for you, how you can benefit and where you can go for help.


Support & Help

Sales support

Do you have any questions about our products? Simply give us a call and speak to an expert.

Freephone number: 0800 555 155

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