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Mit Festnetznummer

Die Prüfung mit einer Swisscom Festnetznummer ist genauer als mit Adresse.

Mit Adresse

Geben Sie bitte die Adresse ein, an der Sie %product% nutzen möchten.

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This location has limited bandwidth. Some Vivo offers will not therefore be available.

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No combined offers are available at this location.

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Your benefits at a glance


Swisscom TV 2.0 light

Over 100 channels, incl. 40+ HD, without Replay and without recording



Surf the web with up to 2 Mbit/s.



Phone calls from 0.04/min. in the Swiss fixed network, from 0.27/min. in the Swiss mobile network


Home networking

Connect your TV-Box and Internet

Best-possible connection between Swisscom TV, laptop, tablet, fixed-network telephone and the router: wireless via WLAN, using Powerline via the electrical wiring or by Ethernet cable.

More on home networking

Internet speed

Download max. 2 Mbit/s max. The actual speed will depend on your phone line
Upload max. 0.2 Mbit/s max. The actual speed will depend on your phone line

WLAN router

Internet-Box light Free instead of 99.- Valid for new Swisscom Casa customers. Base station for the new Swisscom HD-Phones or to connect an existing phone. It also provides Internet access and WLAN

Swisscom Public WLAN

Surf for free at hotspots
1 hour/month 1 hour of free surfing per month at more than 2000 hotspots in Switzerland. Billing is in 15-minute increments


Internet-Security 6.90/month
Protects computers, tablets and smartphones against all types of malware and viruses. It also protects your children from unsuitable content

Telephone connection

Fixed network connection
Including one phone number

Domestic tariffs

  Standard tariff
Monday to Friday
7 am – 7 pm 
Off-peak tariff
Monday to Friday
7 pm – 7 am Saturday/Sunday and public holidays
To the Swiss fixed network
0.08/min. 0.04/min.
To the Swisscom mobile network* 0.32/min. 0.27/min.
To the mobile networks of other providers
0.35/min. 0.30/min.
To 058 Corporate Access
0.08/min. 0.04/min.

International tariffs

Tariff overview for all countries

Here you can find an overview of all tariffs for the country you wish to call.
Use the options to make calls at an even lower cost.



A surcharge of CHF 0.30/min is levied on calls to special numbers (e.g. premium numbers, shared-charge services, business numbers, etc.). It is billed in CHF 0.10 blocks.

Fixed network telephony (IP)

HD Voice
Excellent voice quality for connections between HD telephones
Automatic name display
Callers listed in will be displayed automatically with their names
Blocking calls
In the Customer Center you can stipulate the telephone numbers you do not wish to receive calls from
Do not disturb
If you prefer not to be disturbed for a certain amount of time, you can switch on the "Do not disturb" service
Fixed network telephony to go You can pick up fixed network calls on your mobile phone from anywhere
Parallel ringing
If the first line is busy, you can still make another call

Answering machine

Memory capacity: 100 messages of 3 minutes

Support & Help


Sales support

Do you have any questions about our products? Simply give us a call and speak to an expert.

Freephone number: 0800 555 155

Customers help customers

Find the solutions and share them with other users and customers.

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