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    The switch from analogue to the new fixed-network telephony (IP)

Welcome to the new world –
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Swisscom is switching its analogue fixed network telephony to IP technology. With 1.8 million customers on IP, more than three-quarters of our customers are already experiencing the benefits. Swisscom plans to switch all customers by the end of 2017. Find out what this change means for you, how you can benefit from the switch to IP, and where you can get support.

What is All IP and why should I switch?

The old technology has come to the end of its life cycle. Internet Protocol (IP) is the most successful technology for data transmission worldwide. In addition to data, IP can also be used for image, film, music and voice transmission. Swisscom has been using IP for its Internet and TV provision for some time now and the switch from analogue to IP for fixed network telephony is also underway.

IP will simplify life in lots of areas. When all our devices, such as telephones, TV sets, radios and heating, use the same language and switch to IP this will open up completely new communication options.

Four Steps to Your New Landline (IP)

IP Quick Check

You don’t know if you’ll have to switch to a current offer or if you’re already using IP? We’d be happy to clear things up: call our free hotline on 0800 882 002 or visit our customer service centre.

Choose an Offer

Choose your landline or combo offer. You will keep your current phone number.

Landline offers

Combo offers


What are my options as an ISDN customer? Details

Connect router (Internet box)

What is new, is that your telephone will be directly connected to the router (Internet box),and no longer with the telephone outlet.Internet-Box model may vary.
After ordering your new product, you are sent the right Internet-Box for free.

Installation instructions

Start Calling and Hear the Benefits

Sounds so unbelievably close: with our new IP landlines, you can enjoy calls with HD sound and a whole range of other benefits.

More Benefits of Your New Landline (IP)

Crystal Clear

Our landline calls and HD phones offer crystal clear HD (high definition) sound. You can hear the other person clearer than ever before.

Take Calls Wherever You Are

With our “landline to go”, you can receive calls from your landline on your NATEL®



Callfilter automatically blocks unwanted advertising calls, plus calls from anonymous or unavailable numbers.

Unlimited Calls

Want to chat for hours on end? With Swisscom Line Plus, you can enjoy unlimited calls to all Swiss networks.

Know Who’s Calling

Your telephone’s display will show you exactly who’s calling (using Bluewin and You decide who you want to talk to.




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