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Cabling of individual buildings

Are you building a house or planning renovations? Why not connect your house to the network of the fastest Switzerland of the world? This way you gain access to Swisscom TV, Internet and telephony.

If you are building an apartment block, your tenants are free to select the communication provider of their choice.

More information about FibreSpot

Five reasons for a home connection from Swisscom

1. Future-proof

Thanks to sustained investment in our path-breaking technologies, the Swisscom network is your reliable solution now and in the future.

2. Free of charge

Connection costs to the boundaries of your property are pay for entirely by Swisscom; no activation fee is due. You only pay for installation within your home.

3. Choice of provider

A Swisscom fibre connection does not oblige you to take Swisscom products. Apartment block tenants have a free choice of providers.


4. Everything under the one roof

Would you like to take advantage of Swisscom products once your home is connected? Our Vivo packages offer fast Internet, the new Swisscom TV 2.0 and unlimited fixed network telephony.

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5. Proven

At the behest of the government Swisscom ensures that every home in Switzerland is equipped with broadband Internet.

How to go to your home connection

How and to which technology your home will be connected depends on where you live. Buildings are usually connected via a copper cable, in selected areas and in new construction and renovation projects from approximately 50 residential units fibre optics can be connected all the way to the flats.

Please click here for more information on the procedure and fibre optics in the selected areas.

If you are planning a larger new building or renovation project, you will be able to receive a fibre optics connection anywhere in Switzerland – this will turn your development into a FiberSpot. Save money by doing without a copper and coax connection – more about FiberSpot.

Notify us of your building project

Make sure that your architect or electrician informs us about your building projects so that you’ll be able to use your connection at the desired time. In addition to the registration form you can find information on network expansions with copper, fixed network infrastructure development and networks, and a list of points of contact here.

Registration form and technical information regarding home connections

You will find all the technical information about building access on the Swisscom fibre optic network in the Fiber only handbook.

Fiber only handbook (DE)

Any questions?

We will be happy to assist you with connection options for your building project or the registration procedure.

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or freephone number 0800 477 587