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Have the Internet set up

Better be on the safe side: call a professional.

Get an engineer to set up your Internet access. The home installation covers setting up the Internet access (DSL 300, 3500 or 5000) on a computer in your home by a qualified technician.

All inclusive

Installation of the DSL router and a filter/splitter.

Configuration of the Internet access on your computer.

Laptops and desktop computers using the operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS from version 10.2.3 are supported.

Registration of subscriptions for new customers. Customers who already have another subscription can transfer existing data (including e-mail addresses).

Setting up an e-mail address in an e-mail program (Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express).

Installation of “My Swisscom Assistant”, the Swisscom support software.

Arrange an appointment! Appointments are available for installations on Mondays to Fridays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., as well as on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Billed at cost

The home installation does not include work such as laying cables, drilling holes, moving telephone sockets or ISDN boxes, etc.


However, the technician will be able to do this for you as well. Any such work is billed at cost at an hourly rate of CHF 140.- and is agreed with you on site.


If you wish, the technician will also set up Internet access and e-mail on other computers in your home. This will also incur extra costs.


You can see a detailed list of services available in the document DSL home installation service description.


DSL home installation service description (PDF, 79 KB)


Vivo home installation by a Swisscom friend

  • Install the Internet box/router
  • Configure Internet access on end devices
  • Set up Swisscom login
  • Start up the Swisscom TV-Box
  • Start up fixed-line telephony (IP)


Find a friend



Distribution box

On adjusting wiring in your home, a line is run from the central position of the Internet-Box to the distribution box. The network connection (for copper and fibre-optic line) and analogue telephone signal (only for copper lines) is led back from the Internet-Box into the distribution box. A network switch is installed in the distribution box, which supplies the network link to all rooms wired up to the distribution box.

Services included

  • 1 network socket (UP = flush-mounted), possibly conversion of the existing network socket or replacement with a new one with LAN and fibre-optic ports
  • Running of Ethernet and/or fibre-optic extension cable
  • Incl. cable/socket installation
  • Installation of a network switch in the distribution box
  • Return of an analogue telephone to its old position (currently only possible for copper lines)


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Order directly online when applying for a Vivo package, or order by phoning 0800 80 80 40 at any time

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