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Offers for low speeds

Limited bandwidth.

The Internet speed that is available to you depends on many factors. With copper lines, the most important factor for your data transmission rate is the distance to the nearest telephone switchboard. The longer the line, the lower the speed.

This puts limits on the availability of data-intensive services like Swisscom TV. Only the following product versions are available at your location.

inOne home

Internet S

50 Mbit/s download | 50 Mbit/s upload

Without Swisscom TV

Swisscom TV is not available


Telephony S, M or L included optionally


65.– / month

inOne home light


10 Mbit/s download | 10 Mbit/s upload

Swisscom TV

100+ channels

60+ incl. in HD


From 0.04/min. calls to all CH fixed networks

From 0.27/min. calls to all CH mobile networks

50.– / month