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Ultra-fast surfing on fibre optics.

The expansion of the fibre-optic network makes it possible: With download speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s you'll experience limitless digital enjoyment. Discover how you too can have the connection of the future.

Symmetric speeds

Same upload and download speed

Swisscom offers symmetric Internet speeds exclusively on Vivo fiber optics. The same upload and download speed for the same price. So uploading your photos and videos can be just as much fun as downloading them.

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Made possible by fiber optics


Ultra-fast Internet

Up to 1 Gbit/s for downloads and uploads


Swisscom TV 2.0 in crystal-clear UHD quality on up to five TVs at the same time


Highest voice quality

Excellent voice quality with HD Voice


Internet, TV and fixed network

Fiber optics is the only way for you to benefit from the fastest possible Internet speeds and further quality boosts in our Vivo offers.

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Switch to fiber

Find out how easy it is to switch to the ultra-fast fibre-optic network here. Watch this short video or click the option that applies for you to learn more.

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Fiber optic receptacle available

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WLAN Router

Internet-Box for free

Sign up for Vivo XL, L, M and S or Internet 250 and 50 and get the Internet-Box 2 worth 299.- for free. Sign up for Vivo XS and get the Internet-Box standard worth 199.- for free. With these WLAN routers you enjoy fast WLAN, high surfing speed and further additional functions.

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Internet-Box standard details

Fiber-optic expansion

Ultra broadband for everyone

Even in locations that we cannot connect to the fiber optic grid, we still offer ultra high bandwidth connections. New transmission technologies for copper lines and other alternative solutions make it possible. So everyone in Switzerland can benefit from ultra broadband.

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