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  • Faster surfing at home
    with the Internet-Booster

Enjoy faster Internet now with the new Internet-Booster

The Internet-Booster is the first product of its kind nationwide to enable fast Internet despite low DSL speed.

Faster Internet

Faster website access. Up/download large data volumes faster.

Same-time enjoyment

Enjoy same-time Internet surfing and uninterrupted Swisscom TV*.

Better entertainment

Enjoy video content and music in the Internet without interruption.

What is the Internet-Booster and how does it work?

The Internet-Booster is an additional device that adds mobile to your existing Internet connection, thus increasing Internet speed by up to 100 Mbit/s in your home. However, the additional Internet speed of the Internet-Booster has no effect on the availability of Swisscom TV.


  • The device consists of an indoor and outdoor unit attached to the inner and outer pane of the window.
  • The Internet-Booster is an additional device that sends the mobile signal to your router.

Easy to install

The Internet-Booster can be easily attached to the window in a few steps.

  • The indoor and outdoor units are attached to the window with innovative adhesive panels for fast removal without a trace.
  • The two units are connected by a flat cable, thus enabling tool-free installation.
  • The Internet-Booster is connected to the router (Internet-Box 2)  via WLAN.
  • An Internet-Box 2 router is the requirement for the Internet-Booster. If you don’t have one already, it will be automatically dispatched free of charge when you order.


Availability checker

Who can benefit from the Internet-Booster?

The Internet-Booster can be activated as an option with Vivo S or M at any time. The Internet-Booster is only available to new customers in combination with an inOne home with internet S or inOne home with internet M. For Vivo S or InOne home with Internet S, the DSL speed connection must be lower than 30 Mbit/s. For Vivo M or InOne home with internet M, the speed must be lower than 70 Mbit/s. Internet-Booster availability depends on both the length of the copper line and the mobile signal where you live. Check here whether you satisfy the requirements for the Internet-Booster.

Check with your Swisscom fixed network number

Checking with a fixed network number is more exact that an address.

Check with address

Enter your address.


  • If you check service availability for your connection and the checker window shows no details of the Internet-Booster, it means that it is not available. You can find further options for optimising your Internet speed here
  • The Internet-Booster is only available in combination with Vivo S or M (for existing customers only) or inOne Home S or M.

Have you checked availability where you live and is
the Internet-Booster available to you?


It's that easy

Register now with the Customer Center and order the Internet Booster in a few steps under 'My Products and Services' and 'Internet'.

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enjoy more speed.

Home networking

How to set up your network.

Additional information

Click here for more information on the Internet-Booster and detailed installation instructions.

Swisscom Nova

The Internet-Booster is a Swisscom Nova project. The Swisscom "nova" label stands for products and services currently under co-development with our customers. In this way, we aim to ensure that we can continue offering you services tailored to your needs in the future. If you have questions about the Internet-Booster, you can find support on our help page.

* However, the additional Internet speed of the Internet-Booster has no effect on the availability of Swisscom TV.



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