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    the Internet-Booster

Why was the Internet-Booster developed?

The Internet-Booster is based on a new technology deployed by Swisscom, which optimally enhances the current technology mix and contributes to general network expansion targets. Diverse streaming packages, videos in HD quality and new cloud services are just a few examples of why customers are calling for ever-higher bandwidths. Data volumes in the fixed network are already doubling every 16 months. The innovative technology (DSL+LTE Bonding) pools the bandwidths of fixed and mobile networks so that customers can enjoy higher Internet speeds.

What is the Internet-Booster and how does it work?

The Internet-Booster is an Internet receiver for 4G (LTE) mobile communication. It boosts the Internet speed of copper lines with fast 4G mobile Internet, thus increasing Internet speeds by up to 40 Mbit/s for residential customers. However, the additional Internet speed of the Internet-Booster has no effect on the availability of Swisscom TV.

Who can benefit from the Internet-Booster?

The Internet-Booster will only be available to Vivo S and Vivo M customers. The fixed network line or access speed must be lower than 35 Mbit/s. Whether you meet the requirement, you can check it in the availability checker. Furthermore, the fixed network line must be released depending on the locally available mobile capacity.


The availability of the Internet-Booster depends on both the length of the copper line and the mobile radio signal where the customer lives. From mid January customers will be able to check directly whether the new technology is available where they live via the availability checker.

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Additional information

For more information about the Internet-Booster, click here.

Swisscom Nova

The Internet-Booster is a Swisscom Nova project. The Swisscom "nova" label stands for products and services currently under co-development with our customers. In this way, we aim to ensure that we can continue offering you services tailored to your needs in the future. If you have any questions about the Internet-Booster, please go to our FAQ.