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Welcome to the world's safest Switzerland.

We are working with hundreds of specialists each day to ensure Internet security and data protection for you. In addition to antivirus programmes, spam filters, firewalls and cutting-edge data centres, Swisscom has an Academy that teaches Internet users how to stay secure themselves.

Internet Security

Protect your computer, tablet & smartphone

Our award-winning security solution enables you to protect your computer, tablet and smartphone against viruses, hackers, spyware and data theft. Once installed, it always uses the very latest technology to give you end-to-end security.

Swisscom myCloud

Unlimited storage for your data

Hard disks and CDs have a limited service life. So valuable data, like photos for example, may quickly be lost. Never lose a photo again, even if your mobile should break, thanks to automatic myCloud backup. The online store for photos, videos and other files offers free secure storage capacity in advanced data centres.

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How we're helping you

Data protection and information security

We deploy over 150 employees daily to ensure information security, data privacy and secure operation in our networks. We block phishing attacks and fend off over 2.5 million spam mails daily.
We are Switzerland’s first telecommunication provider to hold ISO 27001 security certification.

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WLAN router

Surf securely with the Internet-Box

Our Internet-Boxes 2 not only allow you to surf at high speed, but also access the Internet with maximum ease and security. They offer guest WLAN at the push of a button, the latest encryption systems, parental control functions and easiest operation over the Internet-Box app.

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Industry initiative

Joining forces for youth media protection

Under the aegis of the Swiss Association of Telecommunications (asut) youth media protection initiative we and our competitors commit to raising awareness among young media users and their parents. Issues include countering illegal content, uncontrolled media consumption, age screening, device protection, cost traps, usage control etc. We take an altruistic approach in promoting content that is meaningful and serves society as a whole.


An end to unwanted calls.

The new Callfilter automatically blocks unwanted advertising calls. It's also easy to stop calls from unknown or unavailable numbers.

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Swisscom Docsafe

Optimum security for your documents

Use your free Swisscom digital safe to securely store documents, access them anywhere and share them with others. Documents are individually encrypted and stored in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland. You benefit from maximum security for you bank statements, passwords, bills, passport copies and credentials.

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Courses & workshops

Learn to surf securely

How do I set up my smartphone, tablet and computers correctly? What settings should I adjust for greater privacy? What is the best place to store email, music and photos? The courses and workshops at Swisscom Academy teach beginners and experienced users how to employ the latest digital technology more securely.

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More about security

All we do to keep your data secure

Our Internet-Boxes 2 not only allow you to surf at high speed, but also access the Internet with maximum ease and security. They offer guest WLAN at the push of a button, the latest Privacy and information security are our top priority. To ensure that the net stays a place where curiosity doesn't cause harm to anyone, we are investing heavily in the security of our infrastructure.

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