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COMBOX® basic

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    With COMBOX®, your phone is always ready to receive calls. Your answering machine will receive all calls that you cannot answer in person and records messages left by callers. You do not require an additional device and will not pay any subscription charges.


    Use your COMBOX® basic from any phone worldwide; listen to messages and return calls at the press of a button.

    Listen to your COMBOX® messages

    086 and your telephone number

    Order your COMBOX® on
    0800 266 269

    Instead of ${priceInstead}

    A Swisscom fixed network connection is required

    The most important functions of the COMBOX® basic

    Memory capacity 20 messages of 3 minutes. Messages can be stored permanently; messages are automatically deleted one day after you listen to them and new messages after 30 days.
    SMS notification To 1 phone number About calls received by the COMBOX®
    Personal greeting within Switzerland 1 With or without your phone number announcement
    Online administration In the customer centre; COMBOX® basic settings only

    The COMBOX® functions are free to use.
    We charge the standard connection costs for listening to messages within Switzerland using another telephone. With the fixed network EconomyLINE connection, a fee of CHF 0.20 per switch is charged for switching on and off call forwarding on the COMBOX®.


    If you don’t already have a COMBOX® for your fixed network connection – set up COMBOX® basic. It’s really easy: call the freephone number 0800 266 269 from your own telephone.