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Your benefits at a glance


270+ channels,
incl. 120+ in HD


30 hours Replay
on 250+ channels


60 hours unlimited simultaneous recording

Picture quality

NEW: UHD 4 times better picture than Full HD

Language search

NEW: Ultra-fast
language search


TV-Box & remote control

Small and very powerful.

Il nuovo TV-Box di Swisscom TV 2.0 è più piccolo, più leggero e molto, molto più potente di tutti gli altri TV-Box grazie al nuovissimo processore A9 e ad Android Lollipop. Quali sono i vantaggi per voi? Cambio di canale e navigazione ancora più rapidi, qualità audio e video straordinaria.

More about TV-Box & remote control

Home networking

Connect your TV-Box and Internet

Connect your TV-Box and Internet. Best-possible connection between Swisscom TV, laptop, tablet, fixed-network telephone and the router: wireless via WLAN, using Powerline via the electrical wiring or by Ethernet cable.

More on home networking



For everyone under 26

Swisscom TV 2.0 in a Vivo package with xtra discount

For everyone under 26. Vivo with xtra discount. Everyone under 26 can benefit even more. Select a Vivo package of your choice and benefit from a discount of up to 10.-/mth.

Go to offers for everyone under 26

Available channels

TV channels 270+ Channels in SD quality
HD channels 120+ Channels in HD quality
Radio stations 200+ Stations in stereo

Additional packages

HD package
Each further packet cost 9.-/month  
Language packages
From 5.–/mth Deutsch+, Français+, Italiano+, Portugues+, Español+, Albanica+, Bosna+, Russia+, TV Globo, Pink Plus, Star India1  
From 29.90/mth
Movie, Entertain, Sport, Family, also available in HD and French 2  


Replay channels 250+
Replay channels in SD and HD quality
HD Channels with replay function 80+ Replay channels in HD quality
Replay period 30 hours Watch programmes up to 30 hours after broadcast
Pause, fast-forward/rewind You can pause and fast-forward or rewind Replay programmes any time


Number of simultaneous recordings 60 hours You can record as many programmes as you want at the same time. Recording capacity up to 60 hours - or well over 15 feature films in SD quality.
Recording past programmes 30 hours You can record programmes up to 30 hours after they were broadcast
Storage space Cloud Your recordings are stored safely in a Swisscom computing centre
Pause, fast-forward, rewind When you watch recordings you can pause, fast-forward and rewind

Live Pause

Live Pause Pause live programmes and continue watching later


Live Sport Events  5.–/event3 Exclusive live transmissions of football, ice hockey, tennis, golf, F1 and handball Raiffeisen Super League from new season also in UHD.

Films on demand

Over 4'000 top films From 3.50/film HD films from 4.50/film, UHD films from 6.50/film. 48-hour rental, with Dolby Digital 5.1.

Teleclub Play

The video flatrate with over 10,000 titles 12.90 Unlimited access to TV series, films, kids programmes, documentaries as well as a massive sports archive.

Apps on TV

Number of apps 50+ YouTube, Facebook, weather and much more. You can use all the apps easily with the remote control.


UHD-ready TV-Box Free instead of 119.- Activation of Swisscom TV 2.0 and the new TV-Box are free of charge for new Swisscom TV 2.0 customers (instead of CHF 119.-/TV-Box). Offer does not apply to switches from Swisscom TV to Swisscom TV 2.0.
Additional TV-Box (max. 4 additional boxes) 5.-/mth per TV-Box Enjoy a stunning TV experience with all functions on up to 5 TV-Boxes at the same time. Parallel operation of all TV-Boxes is only possible with corresponding bandwidth capacity.

Picture quality

UHD (Ultra High Definition) Crystal-clear picture with razor-sharp details thanks to 4 times more pixels than Full HD
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Even greater picture vibrance thanks to heightened contrast and colour intensity
Frame rate Up to 50 frames/sec Even smooth motions and image transition thanks to more frames per second

Requirement for UHD reception:

Internet speed of at least 40 Mbit/s and a UHD-ready television set.
Check the Internet speed available at your location.

Swisscom TV Air

TV 2.0 App iOS, Android and Windows Free app for iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows phones
Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari Online TV on your laptop or PC (latest browser version required). Chrome and EDGE browsers not supported (on Windows 10)
TV channels 200+ Live TV channels in crystal-clear digital quality
Replay channels 200+ Channels with seven-day replay
Recording 60 hours Programme and play recordings and series recordings
Recordings abroad Recordings can be viewed abroad over a WLAN connection
Live Pause Stop running programmes and resume them later
TV-Guide Clever TV Guide with tips, fast filter functions and magazine layout
About 5000 live sport events From 5.50/event On PC/laptop: exclusive live transmissions of football, ice hockey, tennis, golf, F1
Over 4000 top films on demand From 3.50/film On PC/laptop: for 48-hour lease term. HD and Dolby Digital unavailable.
Teleclub Play 12.90/month Unlimited access throughout Switzerland to over 10,000 titles. Series, films, children’s programmes, documentaries and a big sport archive
Remote control (app) Your smartphone or tablet become a remote control
Data costs (app) Included Customers without a NATEL® subscription pay additional data transmission costs for reception over the mobile network or third-party providers. There may be data roaming costs for customers with a NATEL® subscription who watch recordings abroad.
Free of adverts No adverts when you change channel


Easy-to-use remote control Just a few buttons, Swiss design, no requirement for line of vision to TV-Box (Bluetooth)
Personal recommendations Programme tips based on your preferences and our editor's tips
Intelligent search Fast programme search using keywords such as the actor on director. Finds programmes up to 7 days in the past.
TV-Guide Clever TV Guide with tips, fast filter functions and magazine layout
App Use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control
Change channel < 1 sec. Ultra fast channel surfing
Picture-in-picture Easy channel surfing: watch a preview of the other programme
Individual channel sequence Set up your personal channel sequence for every user (max. 5)
Start-up time < 5 sec. The TV-Box is fully operational in just a few moments


Parental control Set age restrictions for films and channels easily
Cost control You have the option to set limits for paid content
Data security Your recordings are securely hosted in a Swisscom computing centre in Switzerland

1 Example: Language package Portuguese+ for 5.-/mth.

2 Example: Teleclub Cinema for 29.90/mth.

3 Exception: Golf 7.50/event

4 Example: "Super 8" film in standard quality for 3.50

* Details apply for customers with a fibre-optic connection and Internet-Box. For copper subscribers with Vivo XL, L, M (with Internet-Box) max. 100/20 downloading/uploading speeds are possible

  • All prices in CHF incl. VAT
  • Minimum subscription period is 12 months

Even more premium content

Expand the range of programmes in your basic fee with additional channel packages in HD, with additional language or Teleclub packages.

Please refer to the channel list for channels currently included in the package.

Go to channel list

Additional HD channel packages

HD Deutsch+ 9.-/mth The programme package with family cinema, series, documentaries, sport and music in fantastic HD quality
HD Français+ 9.-/mth The programme package with family cinema, documentaries, sport and music in fantastic HD quality
HD Italiano+ 9.-/mth The channel package with family movies, serials, documentaries, sports, and music in brilliant HD quality.

Additional language packages

Language package Deutsch+ 5.50/mth

The Deutsch+ language package is automatically included in the basic price for all customers with a German language profile

Language package Français+ 5.50/mth

The Français+ language package is automatically included in the basic price for all customers with a French language profile

Language package Italiano+ 5.50/mth

The Italiano+ language package is automatically included in the basic price for all customers with an Italian language profile

Language package Español+ 15.-/mth

The 4 best Latin American entertainment channels with telenovelas, feature films, documentaries, talk shows and sport

Language package Português+ 5.-/mth Well-known Portuguese channel SIC Internacional
TV Globo Internacional 35.-/mth The most popular Brazilian TV channel
Language package Pink Plus 25.-/mth

The package with 5 attractive Serbian channels

Language package Albanica+ 19.-/mth

KTV, RTV21 Sat and Klan Kosova:  news, feature films, series and children's programmes

Language package Bosna+ 13.-/mth

Hayat Plus + Hayat Folk: news, documentaries, sport + music

Language package Russia+ 25.-/mth

News, feature films, series and children's programmes

Language package Star India+ 20.-/mth

The top three Indian star channels: bollywood films, game shows

Teleclub additional packages

Teleclub Movie 29.90/mth

HD +3.90/mth
The basic package offers uninterrupted home cinema on three channels

Teleclub Sport

HD +5.90/mth Requirements: Teleclub Movie
This additional package provides more than 4'000 hours of live sport on 30 channels

Teleclub Entertain

HD +3.90/mth Requirements: Teleclub Movie
This additional package provides original-language films and series on 15 channels

Teleclub Family

HD +3.90/mth Requirements: Teleclub Movie
This additional package provides entertainment for all the family on 16 channels

Teleclub Super Package
59.60/mth HD +15.30/mth
The complete package with all the Teleclub packages at a special price

Order the package when you place your order for Swisscom TV 2.0 or in the Customer Center later.


Swisscom TV 2.0 saves recordings directly in the cloud, so the new Box uses 40% less energy than before because it comes without a hard disk.

Go to Swisscom TV-Box energy saving tips

Parental controls from Swisscom TV

More about sustainability

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