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Tutto benefit

If you belong together,

you can save together.


Tutto benefit

The Swisscom package discount

If you belong together, you can save together. Combine your Internet incl. TV subscription with up to five mobile subscriptions and save up to 5 × 20.– monthly. You can save up to 100.– with the monthly family discount. Get your Tutto benefit now.

Tutto principle

How the Swisscom package discount works.

It is quite simple: you get the Tutto benefit if you have a Swisscom Vivo (Internet incl. TV + optional fixed network) and a mobile subscription. The Tutto benefit is automatically credited to your Vivo bill every month. If you have further mobile subscriptions in your home, you can register them for the Tutto benefit in the Customer center.

Save now

How to get your discount.

Subscribe to Vivo

Basis for the Tutto benefit is a Vivo subscription with Internet incl. TV.

Subscribe to mobile

You also need one or more mobile subscriptions.

Register subscriptions

Register your mobile subscriptions for the Tutto benefit. The Tutto benefit is credited automatically for the first mobile subscription. You have to register further mobile subscriptions in the Customer Center under Packages.

Help with your decision

Find suitable subscriptions now.

Four questions, one answer. We show you which subscriptions are right for you in just a few moments.

Media expertise

Promoting responsible media consumption.

For everyone under 26

Save 5.– per month on your subscription.

Why choose Swisscom?

Because you get more for your money.

With a NATEL® and a Vivo you enjoy outstanding quality, reliability, comprehensive products, advanced technology and excellent service.

The network of the future

In the network test conducted by the independent specialist journal “Connect”, Swisscom has been awarded an overall rating of “VERY GOOD” eight years in a row.

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Sales support

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If a Vivo and a NATEL® infinity or light subscription are held by the same person, he/she will receive a monthly discount (Tutto benefit). As long as Tutto entitlement exists, up to four additional NATEL® subscriptions (see below for permissible subscriptions) in the same household enjoy a discount on the NATEL® bill (Tutto NATEL® benefit). The discount amount depends on the combination selected: Vivo XL/L/M: 20.–/mth with NATEL® infinity 2.0 XL/L/M, 10.–/mth with NATEL® infinity 2.0 S/XS, 5.–/mth with NATEL® light S/XS or xtra infinity subscription. Vivo S/XS: 10.–/mth with NATEL® infinity 2.0 XL/L/M, 5.–/mth with NATEL® infinity 2.0 S/XS, NATEL® light S/XS or xtra infinity subscription.