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Cancel your cable connection

Do away with your cable connection

With a Swisscom connection you no longer require a cable connection: neither for Swisscom digital TV nor radio, Internet or fixed network telephony. Save the costs of a cable connection. We will be happy to assist with cancellation.

For tenants

Cancel the connection over your landlord

Are you a tenant? Is your cable connection billed as part of your ancillary rent costs? If so, you can cancel your connection via your landlord subject to a notice period of a maximum of three months. Ensure that your landlord then no longer charges you for the monthly connection fees.

For owners

Cancel the connection over your cable provider

Are you a home owner or rent your cable connection directly from the cable provider? If so, you can cancel your connection directly with your cable provider.


Don't forget additional packages

Do you have additional language and channel packages with your current cable TV provider? Don't forget to cancel them as well. With Swisscom TV, you have the widest choice of additional premium channel packages in Switzerland.

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Bis zu 5 TV-Boxen


Swisscom TV on up to five TV sets

With a Swisscom TV subscription you can connect up to five TV-Boxes to watch programmes on several television sets. All your subscription functions are available on all TV-Boxes. It is easiest to connect the TV-Boxes via WLAN or the power supply. You can find the appropriate networking accessories here in our Online Shop.

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Order additional TV-Boxes in the Customer Center.