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Watching television has never been so smart.

Enjoy Swisscom TV's path-breaking technical innovations that make watching television a pure joy and are always amazingly simple to use. Thanks to the award-winning user-friendly remote control you always have everything under control at the touch of a button.

UHD and Voice Search

Television has never been so outstanding.

Television that feels live: the new Swisscom TV offers you even more realistic pictures, richer colours and sharper contrasts. Swisscom TV with UHD offers four times better picture quality than Full HD. Immerse yourself in whole new worlds of experience. Say the word. Thanks to Voice Search your new Swisscom TV does what you say. Explore the new dimension of best entertainment now.

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Now television is at your call.

With Replay, Swisscom TV sets you free from fixed programme times. You decide when your evening viewing begins. Replay also lets you watch programmes up to seven days after they were broadcast on more than 300 channels. Free of charge. Replay guarantees you'll never miss a highlight again!

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Record as many programmes as you like at the same time.

Record as many programmes as you like at the same time.
Swisscom TV is as easy as video. You can record as many programmes as you want at the same time – up to 2,400 hours. You can even record programmes you have missed up to seven days after broadcast and save them to watch in the future. And you don’t save the programmes you record on your TV-Box any more – they are stored securely on our energy-efficient servers.

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Your favourite apps on Swisscom TV

In the App Store you'll find all your favourite apps that you have on your smartphone or tablet PC. Move your Facebook, Google or YouTube account to your television set. Swap news with friends, watch the latest cat videos, share your holiday photos or play a round of your favourite game.


Swisscom TV on up to five TV sets

With a Swisscom TV subscription you can connect up to five TV-Boxes to watch programmes on several television sets. All your subscription functions are available on all TV-Boxes. Advice on deciding how to connect your TV-Boxes is supplied here.

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More than 300 stations in digital quality

Listen to your favourite radio channel in digital quality with Swisscom TV. Choose between more than 300 channels. The free vTuner app also gives you access to more than 25,000 Internet radio channels.

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Swisscom TV brings you HbbTV

Enjoy HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) with your Swisscom TV Box. The service combines digital television with the possibilities of the Internet. For instance, as viewer you have access to additional interactive information on the current television programme and the online videotheque and you can take an active part in televoting. HbbTV is available on all SRG HD channels (SRF 1, SRF zwei, RTS Un, RTS Deux, RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2) and ARD, ZDF and ORF. Activate HbbTV easily over the Extra key on the bottom left of the remote control.

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