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Record as many programmes as you like at the same time.

Swisscom TV – as easy as video. You can record as many programmes as you want at the same time – up to 2,400 hours. You can even record programmes you have missed up to seven days after broadcast and save them to watch in the future. And you don’t save the programmes you record on your TV-Box any more – they are stored securely on our energy-efficient servers.


Unlimited simultaneous recording

Everything always happens at once. The new blockbuster, the football final, the latest episode of your favourite series, your mother-in-law’s visit. With Swisscom TV you don’t need to miss anything. Record simultaneously broadcast programmes at the same time. As much as you want.

Storage space

2,400 hours

With Swisscom TV you don’t need to stress about a lack of storage capacity. You don’t need to delete old recordings to be able to add some more. Swisscom TV gives you up to 2,400 hours of storage for your recordings. That’s the equivalent of around 1000 feature films in SD quality.


Secure and energy efficient

With Swisscom TV you can save your recordings in a Swisscom computing centre in Switzerland. That brings a lot of benefits. Firstly for security: you won’t lose any recordings if there are problems with your hard drive. Secondly, it’s energy efficient: the Swisscom TV-Box doesn’t need a fan now so it uses a lot less power. Which means lower running costs over time.

Series recording

The whole series with two clicks

Don’t miss any episodes in your favourite series. Just two quick clicks of the record button and the whole series will record. So you can look forward to a rainy Sunday when you can watch the whole series in one go.

The described product feaures may vary depending on the TV offering. More information is available on the detail pages of the individual Swisscom TV offerings.