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Now television is at your call.

With Replay, Swisscom TV sets you free from fixed programme times. You decide when your evening viewing begins. Replay also lets you watch programmes up to seven days after they were broadcast. On more than 250 channels. Free. You never need to miss a programme highlight again with Replay.

Replay per genre

For even easier access to missed programmes

You can now find missed programmes per genre on the new Swisscom TV 2.0 home screen: films, series, entertainment and documentaries broadcast over the past seven days. For even faster access to missed programmes.


Enjoy complete freedom

At last there’s no need to keep an eye on the time when we want to relax with a film, our favourite series, a match or a great documentary. We can get the children to bed in peace and then decide ourselves when our well-earned evening viewing starts.


Rewind up to 7 days

Replay makes TV really fun. Did you miss the start of a programme? Just rewind. Want to watch the last episode in the series? Just jump back a week. Commercial breaks? Just fast forward. And best of all: you don’t need to worry about recording anything. Just activate the service and select channels you want to start using Replay.

TV schedule

More than 250 Replay channels

With Swisscom TV you can have Replay for free across virtually all the TV programmes available. Enjoy this new any-time TV on more than 250 channels and over 70 channels in HD quality. The Replay symbol shows you the channels with Replay.


Per genre, in the TV guide and search

Swisscom TV makes Replay remarkably easy for you to use. On the home screen select Replay per genre: films, series, entertainment and documentaries broadcast over the past seven days. Simply scroll back in time to the required programme in the TV guide. Then use the search function to find specific programmes you missed.

Free app

Your recordings on PC, tablet and NATEL®

The free Swisscom TV 2.0 lets you watch your recordings on your tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC. Wherever you are. And you can also use the app to plan your recordings or manage the recordings you have.

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