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Cancel your cable connection

  • Switching Internet
        provider has never
        been so tempting.

  • Is your cable provider
    raising the prices?

With Swisscom TV, do away with your cable connection.

With a Swisscom connection you no longer require a cable connection: neither for Swisscom digital TV nor radio, Internet or fixed network telephony. Save the costs of a cable connection. We will be happy to assist with cancellation.

Step 1: terminate the cable connection.

For tenants

Cancel the connection over your landlord

Are you a tenant? Is your cable connection billed as part of your ancillary rent costs? If so, you can cancel your connection via your landlord subject to a notice period of a maximum of three months. Ensure that your landlord then no longer charges you for the monthly connection fees.

For owners

Cancel the connection over your cable provider

Are you a home owner or rent your cable connection directly from the cable provider? If so, you can cancel your connection directly with your cable provider.

Step 2: Select a suitable offer and enjoy

Swisscom TV with inOne in a flexible package: In size L, M or S in combination with broadband Internet. Enjoy the attractive inOne benefit together with Mobile.

Now with Entertainment OS3

Experience the new Swisscom TV

Bis zu 5 TV-Boxen


Swisscom TV on up to five TV sets

With a Swisscom TV subscription you can connect up to five TV-Boxes to watch programmes on several television sets. All your subscription functions are available on all TV-Boxes. It is easiest to connect the TV-Boxes via WLAN or the power supply. You can find the appropriate networking accessories here in our Online Shop.

Order additional TV-Boxes in the Customer Center.



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