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Switch to Swisscom for Internet, TV or telephony

Changing Internet
provider has never
been so tempting

Simply cancel your current subscription

Do you have an Internet, TV or fixed network telephony subscription* from another provider at home with a running minimum contract period? No problem! We take over the remaining costs of up to 500.- for you when you change.

*Are you tied to a third-party provider by a mobile subscription?
No problem - here's the link to the inOne Mobile switch offer.

Switch to Swisscom step by step

Before ordering

  • Select an inOne (XTRA) home subscription and order it directly online, in a Swisscom Shop or by telephone. In the order process, indicate that you wish to cancel your contract with your previous provider and benefit from our switch offer.
  • If you want to keep your old telephone number when you switch to Swisscom, we can take care of the cancellation with your current provider, if you so desire.

After ordering

  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to this page. Once you have received the final invoice from your previous provider, upload it here.
  • You still have to pay the final invoice of your previous provider. After uploading and our verification, the amount will be credited to your Swisscom account, spread over the following 12 months (max. 500.-).

Internet, Swiss TV and telephony. Put together your flexible package now.

Highspeed Internet over Switzerland’s most extensive fibre-optic broadband network, the most entertaining viewing with Swisscom TV and unlimited fixed network telephony in outstanding voice quality.


Up to 1 Gbit/s download/upload speed, free WLAN router and secure surfing.

Swisscom TV

More than 300 channels, including 160+ in HD quality, 7-day Replay and unlimited simultaneous recording.


Make unlimited calls in all Swiss networks and to the EU, USA and Canada.

Combine as you like.

L, M or S: With inOne home, the choice is yours. Combine as many of the options as you like.


Internet M

  • 200 Mbit/s download/upload speed  1)

Swisscom TV L

  • 300+ channels, incl. 160+ in HD 2)
  • 7-day Replay
  • 1200 h recording in HD
  • 20+ Premium channels included

Telephony M

  • Unlimited calls in all Swiss networks 3)

130.– / mth.

Benefit from special discounts

inOne benefit

Combine your mobile subscriptions with inOne home.

For everyone under 26

Get your special discount for
everyone under 26

Opt for Swisscom.

Enjoy extensive services, more convenience and many other benefits. We show you the options – you enjoy the benefits.

1 Gbit/s

On the fibre-optic network, you enjoy maximum download/upload speeds.


Unlimited cloud-based storage with all data stored in Swiss data centres.

300+ TV channels

Including more than 160 in HD, over three dozen languages and many add-on packages.

Live sport on demand

Football, hockey, tennis and golf. More than 5000 Live Sport Events on demand.

UHD picture quality

Four times sharper and more detailed than HD: 4K Ultra High Definition picture quality.

Call filter

The new call filter automatically blocks unsolicited cold calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inOne home switch offer?

The Swisscom switch offer lets you enjoy the benefits of inOne home subscriptions. If you change your provider to Swisscom and keep your number (porting) or terminate your contract (in accordance with the contract) during the minimum contract period, we will reimburse you for any switching costs up to CHF 500.–. Once you have sent us the final bill from your previous provider, we will credit the amount to your Swisscom bills, spread over the next 12 months.

Who can benefit from the inOne home switch offer?

What exactly are switching costs?

What do I have to do to take advantage of the inOne home switch offer?

Do I have to terminate my contract with my current provider?

Who pays the final bill?

Which criteria need to be fulfilled for the reimbursement of switching costs?

When will I receive the first credit?

Swisscom shall pay cancellation fees up to a maximum of CHF 500.– to the current provider arising from contractually compliant termination prior to expiry of the minimum contract period. Once the customer has uploaded the final bill to, the amount will be credited to their Swisscom bill, spread over 12 months. Applies when switching to inOne home (excluding inOne home light) with a minimum contract term of 12 months. Excludes switches to inOne home from M-Budget or Wingo. Activation charge CHF 59.–.