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Switzerland’s most popular e-mail solution

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Data stays in Switzerland

The secure e-mail solution

Swisscom e-mail protects your messages, contacts and calendar from unauthorised access.

  Protection from spam, viruses and phishing
  Data is centrally hosted in Switzerland
  Data is not evaluated for advertising purposes
  Switzerland's only provider to hold the ISO 27001
  security certificate

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Constant access to your e-mails

Swisscom webmail

You can use webmail on any device, anywhere - no installation necessary. Simply open the browser on your computer, tablet PC or mobile for instant access to your e-mails. Besides typical mail functions you can also text over webmail, compile an address book, enter and coordinate your appointments in the calendar.

  Access to your e-Mails whenever, wherever
  Practical straightforward modern operation
  Spam and virus protection
  Address book
  Comprehensive calendar function
  Adjusted display for computer, tablet PC and mobile phone


Integration into an e-mail programme

As an alternative to Swisscom webmail you can manage your e-mails over a mail programme (e.g. Outlook etc.) on your computer, tablet PC or mobile phone. You can optionally use POP or IMAP to access your e-mails. Your e-mails are sent over SMTP.

How to set-up your e-mail account

Set up your free e-mail account

Service Package Light

1 e-mail address

1 GB memory per e-mail address

With advertising

CHF 0.– /month
Instead of ${priceInstead}
Set up account Details

Service Package Classic

5 e-mail address

5 GB memory per e-mail address

No advertising


CHF 9.– /month
Instead of ${priceInstead}
Set up account Details

Do you already have a Swisscom Internet connection?

If so, you can create your new e-mail address right now for free in the Customer Center.

Service Package Classic included


The Classic service package with 5 e-mail addresses is free with an Internet offer or Vivo package.

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