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Swisscom's general privacy statement

Swisscom collects, stores and processes its customers’ personal data to the extent to which this is required (e.g. to manage the customer relationship, to process orders and contracts or for billing purposes).


Our general privacy statement explains in detail which data is collected by Swisscom, why it is collected and how you can influence the storage and use of your data.

General Data

We process general personaldata about you, such as yourname and contact details.


Financial Data

We process your financialdata.


Location Data

We process your locationdata.


Provided Data

We process personal datathat you provide to us.

Collected Data

We process personal datathat we collect about you.

Received Data

We process personal dataabout you that we receivefrom third parties.



We use your personaldata for marketing andadvertising.


Product Development

We use your personal datafor the development andimprovement of productsand services.


Other Purposes

We use your personal datafor other purposes withoutdirect connection with thecore service.


We analyse your behaviourand make assumptionsabout your interests andpreferences.


Data Transfers

We transfer your personaldata to other companiesthat decide themselveshow to use the data.


We also process yourpersonal data outside ofSwitzerland and the EU.



Data protection is a question of trust, and your trust is important to us. We respect your private life and privacy. It is a major concern for Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Alte Tiefenaustrasse 6, Worblaufen, CH-3050 Bern (hereinafter referred to as “Swisscom” or “we” or “us”) that your personal data is treated in a responsible manner and in compliance with the legal requirements.


The present data protection declaration (hereinafter referred to as “this Declaration”) describes how we process your personal data. This Declaration applies to and constitutes an integral part of a contract if it is listed in a contract document as an integral part thereof or referred to in the applicable General Terms & Conditions (GTCs). In the event of discrepancies between this Declaration and the GTCs, the provisions of this Declaration will have precedence.


If you already use Swisscom products and services, this Declaration will apply to personal data about you collected and stored by Swisscom in the past, which we may connect to and process together with personal data collected in the future.


By accepting this Declaration, you consent to us processing your personal data in accordance with the relevant data protection and telecommunications legislation as well as the following provisions.

1. Data processing for service provision and contract execution

General Data
Financial Data
Provided Data
Collected Data
Product Development
Other Purposes

Swisscom collects, stores and processes the personal data of its customers to the extent necessary to manage the customer relationship, provide its services, process orders and contracts, for billing, to answer questions, address concerns, provide support with technical issues and evaluate, improve and develop Swisscom goods, services and functions. Personal data constitutes all information relating to an identified or identifiable person.


Swisscom collects, stores and processes technical data in the course of your use of our information, communication and technology services. Technical usage data may be processed in a personally identifiably form for the following purposes: 

  • Where this is necessary for the security and operation of our technical infrastructure, to guarantee the service quality and especially the communication connection quality, and to develop services further; 
  • Where listed below in this Declaration or you have consented thereto by using a service

2. Telecommunications data processing

As a telecommunications service provider, Swisscom is obliged to uphold telecommunications secrecy and process data about telecommunications traffic as permitted and prescribed by law. Swisscom processes data from telecommunications traffic in particular to establish connections, convey information and for billing.


Swisscom also processes location data from telecommunications traffic for the purposes listed in section 5 below.


Swisscom does not record any voice content or messages such as SMS or MMS messages, Chat or Messenger conversations or e-mails produced between you and your communication partner through the use of telecommunication services, nor does it read these in any way. The same applies to data entrusted to us by you when using our e-mail services or data storage solutions

3. Data processing for Swisscom marketing purposes


We process your personal data for marketing purposes such as general customer communications and the personalisation of offers from Swisscom, other Swisscom Group companies and selected business partners.

3.1 Data we process for marketing purposes

Provided Data
Collected Data
Received Data

Data you provide in the context of our contractual relationship and data about your use of our products and services as well as our Web pages and online services:

  • Identification and contact data such as your first name and surname, gender, age, date of birth, nationality, address, telephone number, e-mail address, customer number and profession;
  • Contractual and subscription data such as the date, type, content, contractual partner, duration of contracts and subscriptions and any claims for remuneration arising out of these;
  • Customer activity data such as the type of our products and services that you use, the type and extent of your usage thereof, customer preferences, customer service information such as returned goods, complaints, warranty claims, delivery information as well as information on the customer’s end-use devices/terminals, such as the type and name of the device, the operating system and version;
  • Online data such as the time and date on which our Web page was accessed, the name of the accessed Web page, the IP address of your computer or mobile device, the address of the Web page from which you accessed our Web page, information entered on forms, shopping cart contents, clicks on content on the Web page as well as the way in which our services were used at the Customer Center and usage data relating to Swisscom apps for mobile devices, Swisscom pages on social networks, including the duration and frequency of the visits to these, as well as search terms, ratings and comments made. This data is procured in accordance with the online data protection declaration for our Web pages as well as the usage and data protection provisions of the relevant Swisscom apps.

Data procured from third parties:

  • Personal data and information about households – such as the size of the household, the income class and purchasing power, purchasing behaviour and contact data of members of the household – are procured from data suppliers and address dealers. 
  • Online data such as interests and browsing behaviour when accessing third-party sites is procured from operators of third-party sites and online networks.

Customer segments and profiles:

To enable us to provide you with advertising and offers better tailored to your needs as a customer, we create customer segments and customer profiles. To this end, we combine and analyse the data relevant for our marketing purposes.

3.2 Transfers of marketing data to Swisscom Group companies

Data Transfers

By accepting this Declaration, you allow us to pass on to Swisscom Group companies personal data of yours that we have processed for marketing and advertising purposes so that these companies too may use it for marketing purposes.


Customer profiles are passed on to Group companies only based on your additional expressed consent.

3.3 Right to object

You may at any time refuse to receive advertising and the use of your data for marketing and advertising purposes. In this case, we will not process data for this purpose. Data already stored for this purpose will be deleted within two working days. You may refuse the processing of online data according to the information provided on the Swisscom Web. There is no right to refuse general advertisements on Web pages.

4. Data provision for third-party advertising marketing

Data Transfers

By accepting this Declaration, you consent to us making the information we have processed about you for our marketing and advertising purposes available to advertising marketing companies so that they may provide target group-based advertising. This data is made available in an aggregated and non-personal form on the basis of an identification number.


We may also provide advertising marketing companies with aggregated information about you, such as your age group, gender and the area in which youlive, as well as personal data procured from third parties and household information, which may be combined by advertising marketing companies with information about your use of a Web site or an online service of partners in the network of these advertising marketing companies. For this,we use your IP address, which we obtain from the relevant partners of the advertising marketing network.


Swisscom does not provide your identity to either advertising marketing companies nor partners of advertising marketing networks. The staff involved are obliged not to establish any personal connection and to prevent others from doing so.


You have the right to refuse the provision of your data for third party advertising marketing at any time. In this case, data will not be processed for this purpose. Data already stored and consolidated for this purpose will be deleted within two working days.

5. Obtaining and transferring information from data analysis (smart data)

Location Data

Data analysis procedures enable us to obtain statistical and analytical information (data products) for commercial disposal by us to other Swisscom Group companies and/or third parties such as business partners or customers in anonymised form. To this end, Swisscom may use anonymised location data from your telecommunication for data analysis. Swisscom may also use personal data for non-person-specific data analysis for the same purpose.


Any further use of data is permissible only with additional prior consent from you, where legally required.


You may at any time reject or revoke your consent for the use of location data or other personal data for generating data products for commercial disposal.

6. Data transfer to third parties

Data Transfers

In addition to the data transfer described in the above provisions, we may also process data and pass it on to third parties where this is necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable legislation and/or regulations, check compliance therewith or respond to enquiries from responsible authorities.


We may also process personal data and make it available to our service providers as part of the commissioning of debt collection service providers or for the purposes of checking the creditworthiness of customers.


We may also pass personal data on to third parties or obtain it from third parties in relation to suspicions of unauthorised use of services if this is suitable for identifying, preventing or halting the fraudulent or abusive use of services provided by Swisscom or third parties.


Together with other companies that manage large pools of customer data, Swisscom participates in an address update network. In this context, we would transfer updates of address data to Swisscom Directories Ltd e.g. if you notify us about a change of address. Swisscom Directories passes on the updated address only to companies which state that they have a customer relationship with you. The network neither sells nor trades in address data. Your address data is used exclusively for the purpose of updating your address at the relevant companies. You may refuse at any time to permit us to pass on address updates within the network.


If you use services that we provide together with third parties or you use third-party services via the Swisscom network, we may pass on to third parties any data required for providing this service as well as for billing.

7. Data processing abroad by commissioned third parties


In the course of the provision of its services, Swisscom also relies on the products and services of manufacturers and suppliers in other countries which may, for the performance of their services – for instance the provision of maintenance services – access personal data or telecommunication data from abroad or process it at their location abroad.


Data processed forour own marketing purposes maybe stored and processed to develop advertising campaigns on Swisscom’s behalf by service providers abroad.


Foreign suppliers and service providers may be located in the United States or other countries whose data protection legislation provides less protection than that afforded in Switzerland. In this case, we ensure suitable protection in accordance with Swiss legislation, for example by concluding what are known as “EU model clauses” with the recipients of this data. These clauses are a series of provisions introduced by the European Commission to afford suitable protection to personal data when it is transferred across borders.

8. Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to obtain information in writing and free of charge about the personal data of yours that we process. Your request for information must be issued in writing, include a copy of your ID card or passport and be sent to our postal address.


You likewise have the right to request the correction of incorrect personal data. You may also demand the deletion of your personal data unless the applicable laws and regulations oblige us to store your personal data.


Lastly, you have the right to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time and/or refuse the processing of your personal data. Residential customers may exercise their right of revocation of refusal directly via our Web site by logging on to their Customer Centre at the following Internet address and making the necessary changes:

You may also exercise your right of revocation and refusal by writing to one of our customer contact points. SME customers may exercise their right of revocation and refusal by telephone.

9. Contact

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us as follows: 

If you use services from the SME, Wingo,M-Budget or Coop Mobile product and service portfolio, you can contact us as follows.


For SMEs:

For M-Budget:

For Wingo:

  • Using the contact form at 
  • By calling 0900 94 93 92 (CHF 1.50/min. for the first ten minutes. All subsequent minutes are free of charge) 
  • By writing to Wingo, Contact Center, CH-3050 Berne

For Coop Mobile:

10. Applicability, duration and modification

In accordance with paragraph 2 of the opening section, entitled “General,” this Declaration forms an integral part of the contract. It remains in force for as long as the contract with you. This Declaration cannot therefore be terminated separately.


We reserve the right to change or add to this Declaration at any time as we see fit. Should a change to this Declaration prove disadvantageous for you, we will notify you appropriately in advance and seek your consent. Your consent is granted voluntarily. Should you disagree with a specific change or addition, you may object to it. Should you fail to object by the aforementioned deadline, this will be deemed tacit acceptance on your part of the relevant change or addition. Changes or additions to the present Declaration shall not constitute grounds for extraordinary termination of service agreements.


Earlier versions or an overview of changes are made available on our Web site-