Swisscom AG uses advertising technology to create and deliver rich and diverse online marketing campaigns using modern technology and innovative tools. Swisscom AG supports strict online privacy and security standards and has implemented various techniques to monitor advertising material for potentially unsafe content and unlawful privacy infringements. Swisscom AG's advertising technology allows advertisers to collect and store non-identifying data about Internet users and use them for analysis and online behavioral advertisements. As a result, such advertisements offer an enriched online experience and deliver advertisement content that is likely to be more interesting and relevant to Internet users.


Swisscom AG's advertising technology is used to gather statistics about visitors and collect information used to decide which ads to display. Swisscom AG's advertising technology uses a cookie mechanism for this purpose, but only on an anonymous basis. This means that Swisscom AG stores no personal information such as email addresses, names or addresses in the cookie or in the cookie-based profile. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a computer when, with a browser, a user views advertisements or websites of one of Swisscom AG's clients. The cookie does not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, or anything that personally identifies the user. Instead the cookie contains: a random identification number, opt-out or opt-in choice options, or information about campaign/advertisement activity on an advertiser's site. Using the cookies' random identification numbers, Swisscom AG collects and stores in the cookie-based profiles anonymous information such as: operating system, browser version, geographic location, URLs on which Swisscom AG displays advertisements, or facts about interactions with advertisements (such as number of clicks or views). Swisscom AG is in full compliance with local data privacy laws and is anonymising the data according to local regulations. All the above techniques can be used not only to decide what ad to show, but also whether to show it. Through real-time-bidding or similar technologies, advertisers can use the above technologies for deciding for whom it is relevant to display their ads for and not showing it to others. When using the collected data for advertising purposes, Swisscom AG conforms to all applicable laws as well as standards such as Self-regulation Framework for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA), released by IAB Europe, which allows consumers to opt out of behavior tracking by our technology.


You can "Opt-out" from having cookies stored on your PC when ads are shown from Swisscom's advertising technology. To "Opt-out" select the option of your choosing and click the "Save" button. You will then have a cookie which indicates to our system not to write any cookies when displaying ads.