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Swisscom Home App

Remote control for your home

The all-in-one app for Internet-Box,
home network and Smart Home

As successor to the Internet Box App, the new Swisscom Home App offers full control and convenient access to your networked home.*

Control your smart home products from anywhere.

Make calls with your smartphone via the fixed network over WLAN.

Manage your Internet-Box settings and passwords.

Keep a check on who is using your home network.

* The exact function scope depends on your Internet-Box features.

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Swisscom Home App

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Wonderful new world

Would you like to keep your home under camera surveillance when you are away? Or dim the light in the living room from the kitchen? Enjoy a new dimension in convenience and security with intelligent Smart Home appliances.



Use the Swisscom Home App to control Smart Home appliances of the following brands with just one app; more practical appliances will be available soon, because the smart home world is growing all the time.


More about Smart Home:


Your Internet-Box is this smart

The function scope of your Swisscom Home App depends on your Internet-Box.

These functions are currently available:

  Internet-Box 2 Internet-Box plus Internet-Box standard Internet-Box light

manage your Internet-Box and home network settings


make fixed network calls via app with your smartphone over WLAN


control Smart Home appliances via app


Parental Control



Guest WLAN



Main memory function

Would you like to order a new Internet-Box so you can use all the functions of your Swisscom Home App?

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Swisscom Home App

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Help and FAQs

I can’t install the Swisscom Home App.

My Internet-Box password isn't accepted.

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