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Mobile Bonus & Mobile Aid

  • Time for a new mobile phone?

    We’ll get the best out of your old one.

Your old mobile phone is really quite valuable.

Give old and unwanted mobile phones a second life. With Mobile Aid, you donate your mobile phone for a good cause. Plus, with Mobile Bonus, you receive a credit on your bill – or you can receive a bank transfer. It’s that easy.

Mobile Bonus

Step 1

Sell mobile phone

Step 2

Have your mobile phone assessed online. With just one click, you can find out the value of your used device.

Step 3

Send us your device free of charge. We will pay the postage on the mobile phone you send us.

Step 4

Receive payment. As a bank transfer, next month as a credit to your bill, or in the form of a donation.

Mobile Aid

Step 1

Donate cell

Step 2

Drop off your old device at a Swisscom shop. Mobile phones can be dropped off at any shop.

Step 3

Your old mobile phone will be recycled or resold. Functioning devices will be prepared for resale on the used mobile phone market. Defective devices will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Step 4

The proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages. Every resold mobile phone will result in a valuable donation being made for children worldwide.


With Mobile Bonus, you give your working phone a second life and receive a financial credit.

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