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Mobile payment


Apps, bus tickets, stamps & more

Shop online with
your mobile phone bill

With the mobile subscription
or Prepaid

Pay with your mobile phone bill at these online shops:

TV, video & sport

Teleboy, Hollystar, Laola1 TV. 

Public transport tickets

Pay your public transport tickets all over Switzerland.


Chocolate, vouchers, iTunes codes & more.


Apps for Apple, Android & Windows.


Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes.


Sony PlayStation games and Facebook in-app shopping.

Online Shopping

Online-Shopping mit der Handyrechnung. 


Cinema, festival, sport event tickets and more.

Books & Newspapers

Pay for books, magazines & newspapers easily.

Selecta vending machines

Pay for Starbucks coffee, snacks & more at vending machines per SMS.

SMS stamps

Get a stamp instantly at the press of a button.

Make donations per SMS

You can make donations to many charitable organisations easily per SMS. For instance to the Salvation Army, World Vision or the Theodora Foundation.

At Swiss Charity partners At Fairgive with the "Gutes Tun" app


Who can pay via their mobile bill?


Customers who satisfy the following requirements can pay easily online via their mobile bill:


  • Swisscom customers with a mobile subscription
  • Prepaid customers*

*Excl. Kitag, Sony Playstation & online vouchers


Why doesn't paying per mobile bill work for me?

This may be for the following reasons:


  • Blocked value-added services. You can unblock these services in the Customer Center.
  • Your monthly limit for purchases over your mobile bill has been reached
  • Purchasing has been blocked for your number (e.g. due to outstanding bills)
  • Age bar for the required product (e.g. content for users over 18)


Further Questions & Answers

Do your customers already pay via Swisscom mobile bill?

Because your customers always have their smartphone with them, who needs a wallet? Easypay is as convenient as a credit card and safer than cash. It makes paying for products and services fast and safe. Payment is via the Swisscom mobile bill.

Top up your child's Prepaid credit

Did you know? You can easily top up your child's Prepaid credit per SMS. The amount is debited from your Mobile bill.

Example: Top up your child's prepaid credit (min.CHF 5.–):

SMS the following message to 444: : 

PAYMENT «Amount you want to top up» «Your child's mobile phone nunmber»



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