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Google Play

You can quickly, easily and securely buy apps, games, music and films for your Android tablet or smartphone in the Google Play store with NATEL® Pay via your mobile phone bill or with your easy credit.


What you need to use NATEL® Pay:

  • Tablet or smartphone with Android
  • Inserted Swisscom SIM card
  • Active mobile and Internet connection
  • Mobile subscription or NATEL® easy with sufficient credit
  • Value-added services not blocked
  • Activated Google account
  • Google Play store app



NATEL® Pay setup


It’s this easy to make a purchase with NATEL® Pay

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay using NATEL® Pay on a PC in the Google Play store?

No, the payment option NATEL® Pay (direct billing via the mobile provider) is only available in the Google Play store app. NATEL® Pay as a payment method is not available on the Google Play website or in a mobile browser.

How can I use NATEL® Pay on a tablet without WiFi?

You can connect the tablet via WLAN with the hotspot of your smartphone and use its mobile phone connection.

Where can I find an overview of my payments with NATEL® Pay?

You can find and overview of your payments online in the Customer Center: Browse to "Bills & Costs" > Bills > under "Purchases" and "Other services".

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Your vouchers

Here is an overview of all the digital vouchers you have bought with NATEL® Pay.

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Your payments

An overview of all your payments with NATEL® Pay in partner stores can be found in the Customer Center.

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Do you have questions on NATEL® Pay? Our experts will be happy to advise you in person.

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