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Modification World Option flex

Call less expensive

  From 1st july Until 30 june
Calls to EU countries / Western Europe, to Switzerland and to the COMBOX® 0.30/min. 0.50/min.
Calls in your destination country 0.30/min. 0.50/min.
Incoming calls 0.20/min. 0.30/min.
Calls to the COMBOX® 0.80/min. 0.80/min.

These tariffs apply for use within the EU / Western Europe.

Surf abroad with our attractive data packages

The option World Option flex from 1st of july includes no longer data packages. Do you regularly use your smartphone abroad? Benefit from data packages. There are three different packages to choose from: 50 MB, 200 MB and 1 GB.

  EU/Western Europe
World 1

World 2

Rest of the World
Data Travel  50 MB/30 days 9.- 12.– 39.– 149.–
Data Travel  200 MB/30 days 24.- 33.– 99.– n.a.
Data Travel 1 GB/ 30 days 79.- 99.- n.a. n.a.

All data packages can be ordered easily via the Swisscom Cockpit

Use of the data connection onboard ships or aircraft is not part of the data package inclusive volume.