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Fairphone 2

Let's start a movement

Fairphone is committed to fair mobile phone production.
Swisscom supports this cause and offers customers the Fairphone 2 with Swisscom subscription as an alternative.

Fairphone commitment

Social impact across the value chain


Procurement of raw materials from responsible sources to support the local economy.


Increased mobile phone life span and personal responsibility for the customer by promoting longevity and reparability.


Cooperation with manufacturers who ensure safe working conditions and fair pay.

Life cycle

Consideration of the entire life cycle including use, re-use and reliable recycling.

Social entrepreneurship

Transparent work approach permits a form of economy that focuses on social values.

Swisscom's commitment to sustainability

Fair procurement and efficient use of resources

Fair supply chain

We are committed to improving working conditions for more
than two million people. We have forged international partnerships to ensure implementation of suitable measures in close cooperation with suppliers. The world's leading ICT providers advocate long-term transformation through the deployment of new technologies as part of GeSI, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. As part of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) network, along with nine other telecommunication companies we have conducted around 200 audits at suppliers in 22 countries since 2010.

Climate protection

Our power comes from 100% domestic renewable resources.
As one of the ten largest power consumers in Switzerland we are conscious of our special responsibility. We are therefore committed to innovations that improve the efficient use of our resources, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the same chances and opportunities as we do today.


Fairphone 2 – Modular design and modern technology

Now available from digitec


The perfect combination of sustainability with modern technology

Fairphone wants you to understand where your products come from, so Fairphone is tracing their materials to their source and making improvements in the supply chain along the way.


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This device is not available in the standard Swisscom product range. Order it exclusively with a Swisscom subscription at an attractive low price from our partner digitec.

The device is purchased at the conditions of digitec. Conclusion of the subscription via takes place at the conditions of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. The respective contract conditions will be displayed during the course of the order process.


Opt for Fairphone and support conflict-free mining and fair working conditions in the manufacture of smartphones.

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