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Swiss mobile flat

Swiss mobile flat

Unlimited internet and calls in Switzerland.

  • Unlimited surfing, calls and SMS/MMS within Switzerland
  • Basic Speed: 50 Mbit/s

Customize subscription

Per month

Switch from Prepaid to inOne mobile and benefit

Half the subscription charge for 24 months.

Tariff details

In Switzerland

Outside Switzerland/Liechtenstein


Minimum contract term 12 months


* Standard price of Swisscom TV Air option CHF 5.–/mth. The customer must order the promotion in the Shop, Customer Center or hotline to activate TV Air and enjoy the promotion. The 3 promotion months begin on order placement.


The inOne mobile subscriptions apply for normal personal use and primary use within Switzerland. Outside of Switzerland, subscriptions apply for normal personal use while travelling and during temporary stays abroad. Swisscom reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or take other appropriate steps if it establishes that usage deviates significantly from the norm (e.g. use primarily outside of Switzerland), or if there are justified indications that the SIM is being used for special applications (e.g. surveillance applications, machine-to-machine, direct dial or continuous connections). More information

Details of change terms