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Bundle package S

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    Surfing and SMS at a fixed price.

    Bundle package S 4.90 Valid 30 days
    Telephony 29 ct./min.

    Pay max. 3 min. per call (up to 120 minutes)

    SMS / MMS Unlimited In Switzerland and to abroad
    Data 250 MB Costs for data transmission without data packages 2.-/day. In the Swisscom mobile network: download up to 10 Mbit/s, upload up to 2 Mbit/s.

    The data package will be renewed automatically after the 30-day period has elapsed. If the data volume is exhausted before the end of the 30-day period, for data traffic is charged 2.- / day until the end of the 30 day-period. Alternatively you can buy an extra data package. The volume included volumes expire if not used in the valid period.

    Bundle package S

    Buy the package directly through your personal Cockpit at Or send a free SMS with START KOMBIS to 444.

    CHF4.90/ 30 days
    ${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
    Instead of ${priceInstead}

    Available for inOne mobile prepaid.


    Swisscom Cockpit

    Cost control always

    Your personal cockpit gives you total control of costs anytime and anywhere. You can access the Cockpit for free worldwide and even with a credit.


    • Check credit whenever you like and top up over your smartphone
    • Buy the right bundle and data packages fast and easily
    • Free worldwide access even with CHF 0.– credit

    • All prices apply to domestic usage.
    • The bundle packages are valid 30 days and are renewed automatically at midnight when the 30 days are over, if the credit is sufficient (example: a package bought at 17 h 00 on 5.10.2017 is valid until 00.00 on 4.11.2017). If at the moment of the automatic renewal the credit is not sufficient, the renewal of the bundle package is temporarily blocked and for all usage the standard tariff is charged. As soon as the credit is sufficient, the automatic renewal is activated with the charge of the bundle package price. The automatic renewal of the bundle package can be deactivated on For the services not included (example: calls to numbers not included) is charged the standard tariff (example: for calls 29 ct./min). If the data volume is exhausted before the end of the 30 days period, for data traffic 2.- / day are charged until the end of the 30 days period. Alternatively you can buy an extra data package. The volume included expires if not used in the valid period.
    • Swisscom reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or take other appropriate steps if usage considerably exceeds normal levels, or if there are justified indications that the SIM card is being used for special applications (e.g. surveillance, machine-to-machine, direct dial and continuous connections).



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