How to configure payments with Swisscom Pay

You can update/change your payment method on the Sky website, in the app on the TV or using the mobile app under "My Account".

  • 1


    Click "Try now".

  •  2


    Click "Free  trial".

  • 3


    Click “Register now”.

  • 4


    Enter your e-mail address and password.

  • 5


    Select Swisscom as the payment method.

  • 6


    Enter your mobile phone number.

  • 7


    Now enter the confirmation code you received by SMS and click "Confirm".

How to enjoy the extensive offer from Sky

On Swisscom blue TV

Access the Sky Sport app conveniently and directly via Swisscom blue TV. Only Sky Sport is currently available on Swisscom blue TV.

On your smart TV

Watch all sports events, series and films directly on your television set without any need for upgrading.

On Apple TV

Discover the Sky App designed specifically for Apple TVs. This app offers Apple users the best of live sports, series and movies.

On Android TV

Enjoy the Sky App that is suitable for all Android TV systems. This includes the latest television models from Sony and Philips.

With Chromecast and AirPlay

AirPlay & Google Cast allow you to transfer Sky directly from your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

On PlayStation 4

You can also enjoy Sky's offer on the best-selling games consoles in Switzerland: the PlayStation 4.

FAQs about Sky

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How high is the purchase limit?

Can I block payments with Swisscom Pay?

Where are the costs for my Sky Sport subscription, Sky Show subscription or individual Sky Store purchases billed?

I am currently paying for Sky by credit card. How can I change to payment via my mobile phone bill?

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