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step 1

You have to cancel your existing contract with your mobile phone provider at least two monthsMost providers have a notice period of two months. Individual providers such as Triotel and Primacall have longer notice periods.before it expires. We will send you a free reminder without obligation and will be pleased to take care of all subsequent formalities for transferring your existing telephone number.

All mandatory fields (*) must be filled out.

Legal information
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. shall nor assume any lia­bility towards the user in the event of a cancel­lation that is not in accordance with the contract (i.e. cancel­lations effective on dates within a fixed contract period are excluded). Swisscom (Switzer­land) Ltd. shall not guaran­tee the correct functio­ning of the reminder service. By activating the reminder service, the user consents to receiv­ing ad­vert­ising material from Swisscom (Switzer­land) Ltd.