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International tariffs

  • inOne mobile

    Surf & call
    abroad without
    any additional fees

inOne mobile: Roaming in over 200 countries included

Use your new inOne mobile subscription to surf, make phone calls or send SMS/MMS wherever you are in Europe – without a worry. You now also have SMS/MMS and 100MB data roaming included in more than 190 countries.

myCloud: Unlimited online storage in Switzerland for photos, videos and other data.

TV Air: Swisscom TV wherever you are.

Callfilter: Block unwanted calls.

Using your mobile phone abroad

Surf the web and make calls around the world without a care. Thanks to attractive data packages, full cost control, affordable call tariffs and excellent availability.


The new inOne mobile subscriptions include roaming in more than 190 countries. The NATEL® infiniy 2.0 subscriptions include roaming days for the EU and Western Europe.

Where are you travelling?

Availability and charges by destination and subscription.

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Cost control when surfing the Internet abroad: accrued costs are displayed in real time.

More about the Cockpit

  • News

    Posted on 10.07.2018

    7 tips to avoid roaming costs

    Summertime is holiday time. However, depending on your subscription, it also means more roaming costs. However, you can avoid high mobile bills with the following tips.


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  • Posted on 22.03.2018

    Why Swisscom still bills you for roaming

    Providers, or least those belonging to the EU, recently stopped charging roaming fees within Europe. This does not apply to Switzerland. So why doesn't Swisscom simply do away with roaming fees as well?


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Data packages for surfing abroad

The data packages can be activated in the Swisscom Cockpit while still in Switzerland or while travelling. The connection to the Cockpit is free, and you will not run up any costs in Switzerland or abroad.

Data packages in EU/Western Europe

  200 MB 7.90 / 30 days
  1 GB 19.90 / 30 days
  3 GB 49.90 / 30 days

Data packages are also available for other countries and can be ordered within the Cockpit.


Travel Voice Option

30 min. & 30 SMS

Make calls and send SMS around the globe.

Basic fee

CHF15.– / 30 days
${xtraDiscount} XTRA discount incl.
Instead of ${priceInstead}

Make calls and send SMS abroad

Activate your Travel Voice Option sending a free SMS and benefit of included volumes and reduced tariffs for 30 days.

Tariffs on planes, on boats and via satellite

Telephony, SMS and data on planes, boats and via satellite.

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Tariffs on planes, on boats and via satellite

Telephony, SMS and data on planes, boats and via satellite.

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Tips & Information

You have various options to access the Internet abroad.

What you need to know

Swisscom Academy

Discover how you can surf, communicate and use the best travel apps around the world.

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Select your destination to check if 4G roaming is available.

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