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Change to Swisscom now and benefit

Do you have an Internet, TV or fixed network subscription with a different provider at home? Switch to Swisscom now and enjoy the benefits.

Combine as you like

L, M oder S: Mit inOne home haben Sie die freie Wahl. Was und wie viel Sie wollen, kombinieren Sie frei nach Ihren Wünschen. Während der Bestellung können Sie auswählen, ob Sie die bestehende Rufnummer mitnehmen möchten.


Swisscom blue TV

More than 300 channels, including 160+ in HD quality, 7-day Replay and unlimited simultaneous recording.


Up to 10 Gbit/s download/upload speed, free WLAN router and secure surfing.


Make unlimited calls in all Swiss networks and to the EU, USA and Canada.


With Swisscom blue TV, do away with your cable connection.

With a Swisscom connection you no longer require a cable connection: neither for Swisscom digital TV nor radio, Internet or fixed network telephony. Save the costs of a cable connection. We will be happy to assist with cancellation.

For tenants

Cancel the connection over your landlord

Are you a tenant? Is your cable connection billed as part of your ancillary rent costs? If so, you can cancel your connection via your landlord subject to a notice period of a maximum of three months. Ensure that your landlord then no longer charges you for the monthly connection fees.

For owners

Cancel the connection over your cable provider

Are you a home owner or rent your cable connection directly from the cable provider? If so, you can cancel your connection directly with your cable provider.


Swisscom blue TV
Erleben Sie beste Unterhaltung.

Swisscom blue TV with inOne in a flexible package: In size L, M or S in combination with broadband Internet. Enjoy the attractive inOne family benefit together with Mobile.


Simply cancel your current subscription

Do you have an Internet, TV or fixed network telephony subscription from another provider at home with a running minimum contract period? No problem! We take over the remaining costs of up to 500.- for you when you change.

Before ordering

  • Select an inOne home subscription and order it directly online, in a Swisscom Shop or by telephone. In the order process, indicate that you wish to cancel your contract with your previous provider and benefit from our switch offer.
  • If you wish to retain your previous fixed-network number when you switch to Swisscom, we will take care of cancelling the services from your current provider. Please note that if you also want to switch your Internet or TV to Swisscom, you will need to cancel these subscriptions yourself.

After ordering

  • After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to this page. Once you have received and paid the final bill from your current provider, upload the bill to this page. Depending on the provider, you may still receive a monthly/quarterly bill after you have cancelled. Please pay this as usual and upload your cancellation confirmation and your final monthly bill to this page.
  • Once we have checked the uploaded documents, we will refund you the costs up to CHF 500.– through credits over the next 12 months.

Swisscom shall pay cancellation fees up to a maximum of CHF 500.– to the current provider arising from contractually compliant termination prior to expiry of the minimum contract period. Once the customer has uploaded the corresponding bills (final, monthly or quarterly bill), the amount will be credited to their Swisscom bill, spread over 12 months. Applies when switching to inOne home (excluding inOne home light) with a minimum contract term of 12 months. Excludes switches to inOne home from M-Budget or Wingo. Activation charge CHF 89.–.

Opt for Swisscom.

Enjoy extensive services, more convenience and many other benefits. We show you the options – you enjoy the benefits.

10 Gbit/s

On the fibre-optic network, you enjoy maximum download/upload speeds.


Unlimited cloud-based storage with all data stored in Swiss data centres.

300+ TV channels

Including more than 160 in HD, over three dozen languages and many add-on packages.

Live sport on demand

Football, hockey, tennis and golf. More than 5000 Live Sport Events on demand.

uhd icon

UHD picture quality

Four times sharper and more detailed than HD: 4K Ultra High Definition picture quality.


The new call filter automatically blocks unsolicited cold calls.

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