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Advice for perfect home networking

  • Always connected –
    throughout the home

Discover how quick and easy it is to set up your home network with Swisscom. Enjoy Internet and Swisscom TV without cable clutter, plus uninterrupted WLAN in every room.

WLAN to the furthest corner

Home networking without cable clutter

Watch TV wherever you like

Streaming for everyone

Surf even in the garden

Everything you need for successful home networking

  Internet-Box WLAN-Box Powerline
Outline Router Repeater, Access Point, TV connection kit Mains connectors
Suitable for Optimum Internet at home WLAN extension for:
  • Larger/multi-storey apartments
  • Houses
  • Router in wiring cupboard
  • Distant rooms
  • Separate floor
  • Thick walls
  • Rooms without WLAN reception
Connection via
  • Network cable
  • WLAN
  • DECT
  • WLAN
  • Network cable
  • Power line
  • Network cable
  • Central
  • Free standing (not inside, beneath or behind furniture)
  • No WLAN reception between router and area
  • Free standing (not inside, beneath or behind furniture)
  • For router and receiver

The key:
the Internet-Box

The Internet-Box is the key to perfect home networking. It opens the door to fast Internet, stunning television and fixed network telephony with the very best voice quality at home.

Tips for an optimum connection

Position the router in a central location

Use the latest router

Router inside the wiring cupboard

Extend and optimise your WLAN

The WLAN-Box is the perfect accessory for your Internet-Box. It extends your WLAN range, optimises reception and wirelessly connects your Swisscom TV-Box.

Tips for an optimum connection

Positioning the WLAN-Box correctly and optimising reception

Connecting the Swisscom TV-Box wirelessly

Large apartments: using multiple WLAN-Boxes

Using your power supply: Powerline

The Powerline 2000 Connection Kit allows you to use your existing power supply for home networking. This allows you to connect up distant rooms such as basements with fast Internet.

Tips for an optimum connection

Connecting the Swisscom TV-Box with Powerline

Connecting multiple rooms

Do you need a WLAN-Box or Powerline?

Easy setup with
the Home app

Simple installation of the router and WLAN-Box

Overview of all devices in the home network

Tips on optimising the WLAN connection

Testing WLAN coverage

3 tips from trainer Marcel



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