10 Gbit/s Internet with the fiber optic connection from Swisscom

Fibre optics is the fastest wireline network technology, offering upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. Swisscom continues to expand the network to bring highspeed Internet to all Swiss households. Is fibre optic surfing already available to your home? Enter your address and check whether you have optical fibre access.

Benefits of fibre optics


Ultra-fast Internet: Upload and download photos, videos and files at speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.


Highest voice quality: HD Voice enables calls without any background noise.


Crystal-clear, ultra-high definition TV picture: Highest quality Swisscom blue TV on several devices at the same time.


Simultaneous surfing: Same speed even when several people are online at the same time.

When is fibre optic technology coming to my community?

Swisscom aims to bring fibre optics to the whole of Switzerland by 2021. More than half of the 2,202 communities are already connected.

Innovations for an even better network

Swisscom continues to expand the network to give everyone, including you, the best possible Internet connection. Find out more about the technologies used in the Swisscom network.

Fibre optic technology direct to your home

FTTH, FTTB/S, FTTC: find out more about the optical fibre expansion and what the different types of expansion will mean.

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