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Check the maximum Internet speed at your home

How fast could you surf at home? And how fast are you currently surfing? Test for yourself and improve your Internet speed with our additional devices.

What is the maximum surfing speed at my address?

How fast is my current Internet connection?

Take the speed test offered by our partner cnlab for the most accurate measurement.

Why don't the tests detect the maximum speed for my subscription?

Why do the results vary when I repeat the speed test multiple times in a row?

Upload and download in seconds

Compare how long it takes to load a website or to upload and download other files.

Check the Internet speed comparison for practical examples of which down/upload speed is good for which activity.

1 website
1 eBook
1 CD
1 update
1 film

1 photo
10 photos
1 video
10 videos

Improve WLAN reception

The WLAN-Box connects your home Internet and TV devices to the best WLAN.

Faster Internet

With the Internet-Booster, people living in rural areas can enjoy faster surfing over the 4G mobile network.

Connect your home

Router, Internet, TV and fixed-network telephony: optimise your Internet connection by combining the Swisscom devices in your home.

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