Speedtest: Check your Internet speed

How fast could you surf at home? And how fast are you currently surfing? Take the Internet Speedtest to check the speed of your Internet connection. Also find out how you can optimise your internet speed with our additional devices.

Test your current Internet speed

Before running the Speedtest

This Speedtest provides a quick overview for Internet connections with a data rate of less than 200 Mbit/s. The reliability of this measurement is heavily dependent on computer and Web browser performance.  For a reliable measurement, we recommend that you use the cnlab Speedtest.

Important preparation

To obtain definitive results for your Internet connection, please note the following points:

  1. Connect your computer to the router with the network cable.
  2. Install the latest version of your browser.
  3. Close all others programs (including the antivirus program Be sure to restart the antivirus programm immediately after the test. ).
  4. Switch off the WLAN on the router.
  5. Switch off your TV-Box (if you have one).
  1. Connect to WLAN on your smartphone.
  2. Close all apps.
  3. Switch on the WLAN on the router. 
  4. Switch off your TV-Box (if present).

Now download the app.

Speedtest on a smartphone

Test your Internet and WLAN speed conveniently with the Swisscom Home app on your smartphone.

Internet speed on My Swisscom

My Swisscom (Customer Center) provides information about your current Internet speed and optimisation options. You can also perform a speed test.

Our Internet offers

How to optimise your home

Improve WLAN reception

The WLAN-Box connects your home Internet and TV devices to the best WLAN.

Faster Internet

With the Internet-Booster, people living in rural areas can enjoy faster surfing over the 4G mobile network.

Connect your home

Router, Internet, TV and fixed-network telephony: optimise your Internet connection by combining the Swisscom devices in your home.


Why don't the tests detect the maximum speed for my subscription?

Why do the results vary when I repeat the speed test multiple times in a row?

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