Fixed network telephony for your home

Discover the latest HD-Phones and find the best fixed-network subscription for you. Enjoy the best sound quality for calls and receive Callfilter and COMBOX® for free too.

Swisscom Line basic

0.04/min for calls to the Swiss fixed network, 0.27/min to the Swisscom mobile network.

Price per month


Order by calling the freephone number 0800 800 800

Swisscom Line plus

Unlimited calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile networks.

Price per month


Order by calling the freephone number 0800 800 800

inOne home

Combine fixed network with Internet and TV. For 5.-, you can add a telephony subscription to your inOne package.

Price per month incl. Internet


Your benefits with a Swisscom fixed network subscription

HD sound quality: you hear the person at the other end in crystal-clear sound without background noise.

Free Callfilter: the Callfilter blocks unsolicited advertising calls.

Includes COMBOX® pro: your answering machine will take all your calls when you are not available.

Favourable international rates: up to 500 minutes of international calls free per month.

Fixed network telephony to go: Take calls to your fixed network number on your mobile phone when you are away from home.

Name display: see who is calling, provided the caller is registered in the online phonebook.

  • New HD-Phones

    Perfect voice quality, energy-saving Ecomode Plus and elegant designs: discover the latest fixed-line telephones.

    Callfilter to block advertising calls

    Activate the free Callfilter in just 3 clicks on My Swisscom, sparing you the hassle of unsolicited calls.

    Available anywhere with COMBOX®

    Set up your COMBOX® and manage your telephone answering machine online.
    Your phone takes your calls for you.

  • New IP technology

    Making calls is even easier with the latest IP technology. Discover the benefits and find out what the change means for you.

    Remote control for your home

    Copy the contacts from your mobile phone to the fixed-network phone and make calls with your mobile phone through the fixed network. Control all your Swisscom devices in one app.

    Your networked home

    Set up your home so that your TV, Internet and fixed network phone are connected in the best possible way. The home network guide shows you how.

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