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Architects, contractors and electricians

Swisscom offers architects, contractors and electricians a variety of options to add the telecommunications solutions of the future to your building project as early as the planning stage.

When a new building is connected to the fibre optics network, this results in numerous benefits for the owner as well as the residents:

  • You benefit from the most up-to-date connections in Switzerland with ultra-fast data transmission and attractive services.
  • A fibre optics connection sets the property clearly apart from comparable buildings and enhances its appeal.
  • Homes are connected according to OFCOM guidelines, which include connection with four fibres per home. Residents can therefore opt for the provider of their choice.

Notify Swisscom of your building project

In selected areas Swisscom is upgrading apartments and new buildings with fibre optics. You can tell Swisscom about your building project using our contact form to save the costs for multiple connections with copper and coax.


Please write “New building in fibre optics development area, connection to fibre optics network desired” in the comments field.

Outside of the fibre optics development areas – FiberSpot

With FiberSpot, Swisscom offers you the option to connect developments of around 80 units or more (apartments or commercial units) directly with fibre optics, even outside of the fibre optics development areas.


More on FibreSpots

Installation partners and technical information

Swisscom works with the following partners in optical fibre areas:


Go to optical fibre installation partners (PDF, 120 kB)

Information regarding home connections

You can find information on network expansions with copper, fixed network infrastructure development and networks as well as a registration form for building projects and a list of points of contact here.


More on network expansion

Technical information on home cabling

Clarify the home cabling requirements (Ethernet, analogue and digital) and interface properties beforehand. Structured, star-shaped home cabling is indispensable today.


More technical information

Use the full range of telecommunications services in every room

Give your residents the opportunity to use all telecommunications services in every room through
a central distribution box. How can you use these various services in different rooms?

What can you do?

Star-shaped Ethernet cabling or at least laying empty conduits into every room is strongly recommended by Swisscom for new buildings. The home cabling brochure will show you the various options for the latest home cabling. Of course, the Swisscom specialist dealers in your area will be happy to offer you professional advice.

Your benefits

  • Greater flexibility for your tenants
  • Fewer repairs after the tenants move out
  • An additional argument for landlords
  • Added value and sustainability for your property