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My Swisscom E-Mail myCloud TV Network status Find a shop Contact

Swisscom services in your community

Find out about the status construction in your community and whether Swisscom blue TV and broadband internet are available in your area.

VDSL network expansion for innovative multimedia services

To offer you the full functionality of Swisscom blue TV and guarantee high-definition TV (HDTV), Swisscom is continuously expanding the existing network to make it VDSL-compliant. Swisscom already offers excellent VDSL coverage throughout Switzerland.

Expansion of Swisscom’s ultra-fast broadband network

Swisscom is driving the expansion of Switzerland’s ultra-fast broadband network with a mix of technologies. In addition to Fibre to the Curb Swisscom is also expanding other fibre-optic technologies.

Any questions?

Do you work for a public administration? Do you have questions about extending your municipal network? E-mail us the details; we will be happy to advise you.

Check the product avalability

Check with the availability checker to find out which services are available in your community.

Because the available bandwidth also depends on the distance between your telephone connection and the distribution centre, it is only possible to provide the bandwidth per telephone connection.